GameStop Expo | Hands On: PS4′s DualShock 4

PAX Prime isn't the only show this weekend. Henry Holloway, TGF's resident Sony fan, finally gets his hands on the PS4's controller.

Spoiler: he loves it.

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NatureOfLogic1873d ago

Looks like we have a new champion. I can't wait to get my hands on the DS4.

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ZBlacktt1872d ago

I was at PAX today myself and I will say this. The DS4 is a prefect control. I played AC4 online, Knack, KZ SF with it and it was prefect. Absolutely much much better! The curved triggers for non slip. The Toggles are really tight. The controller feels about the same weight. The size is very deceiving in pictures compared to holding and using it. Your mind forgets and you just feel like you are holding a PS controller just like normal.

AceBlazer131872d ago

Glad to hear about the size.I assumed most people reviewing the ds4 were used to the Xbox controller so the size didn't register to them but it's good to hear that it feels the same.

Mr1Y1872d ago

Cool .Question are the thumb sticks longer I always thought that both controllers had to short thumb sticks :d

Cryptcuzz1872d ago

You lucky son of a *beep!

I wish I was able to attend and get to experience the PS4 before it was released.

Did you capture anything else noteworthy from the show?

Thanks for sharing BTW. Cheers.

ZBlacktt1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

@ Mr1Y


The toggles have a grip texture now like the triggers. The toggles have zero free play and are very accurate now. The controller is prefect.

@ Cryptcuzz, here some other stuff I did. Killzone SF related.

Took pictures of the PS4 on display. The console was used on all the games on the floor.

Killzone Shadow Fall running on Vita's and PS4's. You could play both.

Knack , this is a very good looking game. Much like LBP in how the textures look real. The water is very cool also.

Game play of Killzone Shadow Fall, Loadout screen play, etc down below. To shoot these videos, I would have guys working the booth come up and tell me I need to show the person playing. I cannot just shoot the screen. You can hear one of them come up in like the last video. In the second video I stopped it because one tapped me on the shoulder to tell me this....again. It was like that for many of the top AAA games. You could not film the movie demo of AC4, no Watch Dogs or Infamous SS.

XisThatKid1872d ago

Cool thanks alot for pics and info you fkn seriously rock! You have made may people on this site feel that much closer to our mutual goal.

pyramidshead1872d ago

Awesome stuff man, good to see some hands on footage.

WickedLester1872d ago

Hey ZB, I know this is supposed to be about the controller but what were your impressions of the games that were on display? Also, how about the glide pad? Did you ever get a chance to use it and did it seem natural to use or was it awkward?

ZBlacktt1872d ago

WickedLester, one thing I noticed is all the games look super clean now. Very sharp in graphics like 1080p. Even simple games like Knack looked very impressive. By the way, Knack is harder then people think, lol. But very fun still.

But I will say this, AC4 is in a league of it's own.....srs. I went by and looked at most every game coming out and only 2 you could not even see. Like AC4, the top AAA games where in enclosed private sections were you had to wait in long long lines to even get in. That was Watch Dogs and Infamous SS. I got there a little late past my reserve time to see both those games. But the lady at AC4 hooked me up and put me near the front to see that one.

AC4 BF: Man where to start..... They were going through a lot of the things you will be able to do and see. But way more in depth then ever shown on youtube. They gave us a big warning about no video taping at all and we will be watched. First off it was shown on a 80" screen. It was the best graphics I'd seen all day. That water is mind blowing never seen before realism. If you've ever seen the ocean and how it acts. This is very spot on. From white wash, swells, tide, currents, splash, ripples, water on the ships decks you see it all.

There was a ship battle scene with a Brig ship ( built for ramming other ships ). The camera angle panned to the right over looking Edward shoulder while he was at the wheel and this Brig ship came launching in the air over a huge wave. It was just the most awesome thing ever as it was all game play. Like watching a real life movie. It rams the ship and you see your crew getting knocked all over the deck, lol. It's just so real looking.

They showed more the under world in the sea. Talking about what the next gen has allowed them to do. SOOOOOO much more then we've seen in video. Like Edward was swimming for some chests and these two Moray eels come out of some floor bottom kelp and one launches at Edward grabbing his arm. You have to fight that thing off, blood is now in the water and the sharks are quick to move in. So you are hiding out in sunken ships moving around.

part 2 below

ZBlacktt1872d ago

They showed more of the harpooning game play. There are all kinds of sharks and whales in this game... Great White, Bull, Tiger, Hammer sharks, Sperm whales, Killer whales, etc. So they showed a Bull Shark hunting. As we've seen, when you hit it the first time it pulls the boat with it. It's a lot more violent on the screen then what it was like watching the youtube video. Each time he hit it, the white wash water trailing behind the shark gets darker red with blood. Then the shark broke the line. Now the camera view is you see Edward up close to the screen on the left and a clear view looking down at the water next to the boat. It looks very very much like real water. You are looking for the shark to surface and man do you feel like this is real life. Then it pops up about 20 yards out in from of the boat ( It's random where they surface, but the Great Whites coming in more aggressive ) coming right in for you. It comes in and you see it right under the surface and it rams the damn boat knocking it all the hell back, lol. Splashing water all in your face.... Then Edward hits it coming out the other side and kills it. Next they should it being pulled out of the water on to the Jackdaw. The thing is huge and blood,water is dripping all down from it.....

They showed in the towns, the under water caverns, the jungles and man. You'll just have to see it to experience it.

The online I played for a while.. To me the online is still the same online. Not really my thing to walk around looking for this one person to kill over and over. But it is very much next gen looking. They even added the weather effects to it. So it could be sunny, then cloudy, then raining with some lightening strikes with thunder.

I expect Watch Dogs to be somewhat of the same in it's own experience. But a awesome looking city is not going to compare to a vast open Caribbean sea.

BlueBlood171872d ago

Hey man, lucky you for getting hands on! I envy you.

Can you tell me, is the textured back of the pad rubbery or just textured plastic?

I would prefer rubbery! Thanks!

ZBlacktt1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )


Ttrust me man. Wait until you get your hands on it. It very solid, weighted prefect, the triggers have no free play.


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Eonjay1872d ago

Well, a new launch PS4 is back in stock at Amazon:

It appeared about two hours ago and its already at #5 on bestseller. Xbox is at #42

sigfredod1872d ago

already get to number 1

XisThatKid1872d ago

I find this to be very good controller review since I wasn't sure if the back was "rubberized" or textured hard plastic. The rubber back is a significant plus for me

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ABeastNamedTariq1873d ago

I can't wait to hold it and stare at Natalie (my PS4). I'm going to unbox it, touch everything, hook it up, and play Killzone lol. DS4 looks like a great improvement.

Majin-vegeta1872d ago

Im gonna name mine Vida Guerra ;).

OT:Hurry up Nov 15

mistertwoturbo1872d ago

I'm going to name her Scarlett Johansson

Septic1872d ago


Are you sure you want to do that? Have you seen Megan Fox's thumbs?

THC CELL1872d ago

Forget the thumb. She bisexual and smokes weed.

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hop3lessfray1873d ago

Xbox/Nintendo fan checking in to the comment love.

This thing feels absolutely amazing. You guys are going to love this controller.

TongkatAli1872d ago

Yeah, we need more love. I have realized that negative emotions only breed more of it. I see it around life all the time, people need to cut that shit out cause its counter productive.

Quicktopick1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

A brief review on DS4 + Knack on PAX

sincitysir11872d ago

That's it I'm preordering knack

christrules00411872d ago

I can't wait to play on it. On the PS3 everytime I let the thumbstick go it takes a second till it stops moving. I can't wait to have a controller with zero lag. I love open world games with shooting mechanics and being able to stop on a dime has been a huge issue with the DS3.

I can't wait to try the DS4 out.

HeyImBen11872d ago

A second? You are doing it wrong, lol.

christrules00411872d ago

Half a second of lag even but that throws the aiming way off. I've always played with the sensitivity as high as it can go. But everytime I move it a little bit I notice there is a small delay from when it starts and when it stops. Maybe it has something to do with the PS3 or the controller pairing with each other. But either way it is a pain not being able to stop on a dime when I need to.

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