How The Xbox One Learned To Love (Or At Least Tolerate) Privacy And Liberty

Immediately after the initial roll out of the Xbox One in May, Game Informer’s Matt Helgeson wrote that the Xbox One “confirmed that Microsoft’s play for the console video game market had always been about the control of the living room.” Fans (read consumers) were especially concerned about the Kinect, the game system’s add-on camera. While Microsoft’s vision was of an Xbox always just one voice command away from activation, it meant the Kinect would be “always on,” and have to always be connected to the Xbox. Unsurprisingly, this worried fans (read: customers) who valued their privacy.

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MariaHelFutura1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

How The Xbox One Learned To Love (Or At Least Tolerate) Privacy And Liberty

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Donnieboi1876d ago

It's sad that one must learn to "tolerate" other people's right to privacy and freedom. I'm sorry but I can't give MS brownie points just for realizing what they should have already known a long time ago. They took too long to renege on their evil policies, and only finally bent when confronted by poor pre-orders. The bad reputation wasn't enough to deter them--it was the money. So sad that an American company needed to be taught how to appreciate the very same principles (freedom, privacy, etc) that it already enjoys as result of being in America. Funny how Sony and Nintendo (both Japanese) respect the rights that Americans hold dear, while American companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple, etc trample on your privacy. Ironic.

MrMister1876d ago

Another well said comment mate. Microsoft went overboard with their attempts to spy. I still don't trust them. PS4 and my PC Rig, is all I need brother.

Have an "Intelligent" bubble :D

Bigpappy1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Are you still in Russia trying to disclose you country's secrets?

Is Xbox One a spy weapon for NSA so that's why you defected to Sony?

You are way too political for me. These are just hobbies.

corvusmd1876d ago

I know PSZombies aren't going to listen to reason and logic, but I am a glutton for punishment and need to try anyway. MS is not invading your privacy, and they didn't need to learn to "tolerate" it...those are the Authors words, not MS's. When court ordered by the Gov, any American company has to assist...that includes Sony America. More to the point, MS is currently suing the government to protect their user's rights. Not a cheap or easy step for someone that merely has to "tolerate" people's privacy. More than any of that, if the US Government wants your info, they will get it...I don't care what country you are in. Cell Phones are the best way, because even when off, the mic, gps, camera, browser and call/text history can all be waiting for a kid to play on his Xbox doesn't really help fight terrorists. The amount of man power it would take to staff to do all that would be give you an idea. Since 2010, 59,000 emails were seized and examined (I know that you won't want to trust that number, and I'm sure there is more than that, but you're just a conspiracy theorist with no facts to back up your beliefs)...everything else is meta-data. So watching 50 Mil+ Kinects just to watch kids play games would be a huge waste.

Bottom line, Spying has been around a lot longer than a video game system that isn't out yet. There aren't world gov organizations sitting around waiting for the XB1 to be released so they can start spying...not to mention, even when it does release it will be so far on the bottom of effective ways to spy on someone that it's ridiculous. Anyone that still worries about this is clearly a moron.

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hoping to lose all your bubbles again I see lol

falviousuk1876d ago

I can pretty much guarantee everyone here has a mobile phone, which not only has a camera but can also be tracked and recorded. Why are you all not shouting about that, because they arent Xbox's or by MS

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skydragoonity1876d ago

Personally I'm glad the kinect isn't mandatory again as i intend to get one down the line. However they need to sell a kinect less version for me to get one.

YNWA961876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Ps network... Open season for chinese spies.... Maria, how do you get those bubbles? You get voted down so much.... Mods, answer that for me....

Corvus, do not ask her, ask the mods.

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The mods will never banned Maria like what they did to Grenpowerz and other major trolling Xbox fanboys because just like any business these days, controversy is big business and bring in the readers. As long as Maria keeps submitting these controversial opinion pieces, she will be an asset for them and is like free labor. It is all business.

Fireseed1876d ago

Xbox One 2013 Nevar Forget.

Fireseed1876d ago

Dude I remember where I was when the X1 was announced. Never gonna forget that fateful day :'( I don't honestly think I'll ever be emotionally able to move on.