Review: Pokemon Rumble U (Pure Nitnendo)

Pure Nintendo: "Pokémon Rumble U has taken the simplistic formula of the earlier games and simplified it even further. Whether or not this is a good idea depends on your play style. For those who enjoy quick gaming sessions, the game’s fast and frantic arena battles are perfect for you to pick up and play for as little or as long as you like. For those gamers who enjoy longer gaming binges, the game’s short length may be disappointing , but the challenge of collecting all 649 Pokémon is no easy task and will require some serious hours to be logged into the game. The inclusion of the NFC figures adds a lot of fun to the game as creating your own personalized toy Pokémon should prove to be fun and rewarding when using them to compete among friends. While the addition of online multiplayer would really have helped this title, I still feel that there is a little something in the game for Pokémon fans of any age. If you enjoy Pokémon or any of the other games in this series and have some friends to share it with, then it’s not a bad title to pick up."

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