Review: Splinter Cell Blacklist (Pure Nintendo)

Pure Nintendo: "Splinter Cell Blacklist is a poor representative of the Splinter Cell franchise. The campaign is linear and frustrating rather than the fun, stealthy romp it should have been. The only saving grace is the very enjoyable mulitplayer, if you are lucky enough to find a game. I only recommend this game to people who won’t try to sneak through it like I did. The shameful level design is too much of an obstacle and belongs in a pre Dishonored world. If you are buying it for the multiplayer, don’t get the Wii U version. The lack of local co-op and the pitiful online community size renders the best parts almost unplayable, since you can’t find anyone to play with."

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Concertoine1926d ago

heres a review i agree with
i haven't felt pleased with the splinter cell games ever since conviction...

ZacE1926d ago

Damn, the Wii U version has no local co-op? That would definitely bring down any score.

TripC501926d ago

I have this game for Wii U. It's badass. 8.5 out of 10 atleast from me.

Ac7iVe1926d ago

Did this guy play the game? You can play any style you want so you should find an enjoyable way to play, yea the game is linear how else would a game like this be?? Game is awesome replayability is very high and the online is awesome. 9/10 for me.

Slowbrosef1926d ago

Local Co-op is one of my favorite aspects of splinter cell, which is why i bought double agent on wii vs. 360. Ubisoft really wanted to see how well its last batch of games of games would sell on Wii to see if they should continue support. Then they go and leave out one feature that is almost never left out on nintendo systems. If they would have left out online multiplayer it would have been annoying but i would have still bought it for the local, just not the other way around. Ill have to get it for another system now to get it all. And the only reason that is significant is because that sale Ubisoft lost on Wii U.