Zune Unlikely To Hit UK Until 2008.

Microsoft's iPod-rivalling Zune digital media player – still rumoured to eventually include games capabilities – won't launch in the UK until at least the end of 2007, a year after the US launch.

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HyperBear4464d ago

The UK just cant seem to get a break with things coming to them last. I mean, they didnt get the 360 until after us (U.S. & Canada) got em. Then the very controversial delay of the PS3 to March. Now this, Zune not coming until 2008. I feel srry for u guys. UK cant get no respect. Edit: Srry N4G readers, i will be writing my comments off of my PSP, cause i cant move to my PC, after i just had my knee operation. so srry again guys.

eques judicii4464d ago

i got a chance to play with the zune for a bit the other day because a friend of mine works on it for microsoft. it was pretty cool, but i don't think this delay is all the important right now... if the zune is a big hit in the US than it will translate into a hit over in europe next year... but if it flops in the US (which I think it might) then they are better off not launching it at all there.

I know its not what they wanted/planned, but America might be somewhat of a litmus test for the success of the zune.

peksi4463d ago

Yet another copy from Microshaft, ready to walk the path cleared by iPod & Creative.