Microsoft's Xbox One Is Too Expensive

Microsoft probably thought it had this generation in the bag when it announced its pricing and release strategy in kicking off the annual E3 gaming powwow back in June. It couldn't have imagined that Sony would turn heads a day later by unveiling a lower price for its PS4 and taking shots at the Xbox One's restrictive ways.

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ZodTheRipper1878d ago

It would have been competitive at this price if it had at least superior hardware ...or does Microsoft really think people are excited about using Kinect?

pedrof931878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

"Microsoft really think people are excited about using Kinect?"

They try to make it sound.

ZHZ901878d ago

Xbox One is Kinect and I don't know what is awesome about it.

jimbobwahey1878d ago

I agree with zod18, the price point would be fine if it was justified, but right now Microsoft expects people to pay $100 extra for inferior hardware, which is absurd.

If I pay more, I expect the product to be better than the competition, not worse. Even if the Xbox One was the same price as the PS4 it would feel like a ripoff. It should be $50-$75 cheaper.

MariaHelFutura1878d ago

The Xbox One is like the PS4 just not as good and more expensive. Period. If you like it, that's great. But that doesn't change the facts, the PS4 has better specs and is generally giving you more for less. If you feel that's incorrect, enlighten me.

TheBurger291878d ago

their best kinect game is laggy

thehitman1878d ago


Actually I think they couldve sold the xb1 for 350 considering they market the Kinect at 150 at retail when it launched. I am sure they are going to market the Kinect 2.0 later down the road for 150. MS basically put a $150 premium on their console most likely thinking Sony wouldnt go anywhere under 500 and they could try to beat them out head to head. Not only were MS wrong but I am sure they are yelling at each other like whos fucking idea was this and trying to wish for the best.

strifeblade1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

oh yeah screw kinect using a ps4 touchpad is much better.

YNWA961878d ago

Is a Toyota Corolla too expensive, compared to Honda Civic? Its how people see it, so no answer. Also Maria, you were down to 2 bubbles a few days ago. N4G, whats at work here?

MariaHelFutura1878d ago

There is how you see it, then there is facts. You see it how you see it, I see it how I see it but these are the facts about these consoles.

Specs: PS4
Restrictions: PS4
F2P: PS4
Price: PS4
Exclusive Devs: PS4
TV: Both (PS4 does not require your cable box)
Camera w/ Voice Recognition: Both
Preorders: PS4
Polls: PS4
Recording Time: PS4
Friendlist: PS4
Countries Available: PS4
Headset Options: PS4
Controller: PS4 (doesn't require AA's or accessories)
Indie Support: PS4
Consistency: PS4
Previous Console Support: PS4

No_Limit1878d ago Show
kreate1877d ago


She has a fan following on n4g. Many ppl enjoy reading her comments.

Except for some fanboys....

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ala_7671878d ago

Its not too expensive. Its just expensive

slimeybrainboy1878d ago

For me I was expecting and budgeting £350 (I know that sounds like PS fanboy but I got spreadsheets from 2012 to prove it aha) £400 I could live with, and £300 would be amazing.

The Xbox One is £430 so it's expensive but not too expensive. £450 + is getting in the too expensive range. FIFA 14 sweetens the deal abit but if its a digital copy that's not as good. Overall I agree it's definitely expensive but it's just about not too expensive.

ZodTheRipper1878d ago

Yeah it's expensive while the PS4 isn't considering it's better hardware it should bring some arguments to justify that price - and that's pretty much where Microsoft fails right now.

DonnieDarko1877d ago

But then the 360 is supposedly less powerful than the ps3 yet every time I turn my ps3 on it feels so last gen in terms of the xmb. I turn on the 360 it has had an ever evolving interface that just feels so contemporary. I personally feel that no matter what edge the ps4 hardware will have over the one I think the software on the one will trump the ps4 and the ui will be much better hence giving the one a much better feel to it than the ps4

ATi_Elite1878d ago

4K Monitors are expensive, Gasoline is expensive, Organic Food is expensive but XB1 is priced just right!

I'm sure $50 discount will come VERY SOON after Christmas when supply catches up with demand.

ZodTheRipper1878d ago

How is it priced right when the competition has something better while charging less?

nightsurge1878d ago

@zod18, I didn't realize the PS4 came with the PS4 Eye camera? Oh that's right, it doesn't. Xbox One with Kinect is more than justified for the higher price tag.

Whether or not you want the Kinect is a different discussion all together. I just don't get why people on here keep ignoring the fact that for the price of $500 vs $400, the Xbox One includes a more advanced camera peripheral in the price.

Since the internet loves to be spec whores, you should know that the Kinect specs blow the PS4 camera out of the water. In fact, they made it so advanced that it does all of the processing of it's data by itself. No hit for games that want to use Kinect on Xbox One. That and it's 1080p, extremely advanced, tracks up to 6 players, etc.

So it would seem that I am getting something better for my extra money with the Xbox One. I am getting both consoles though. Not a fanboy, here. Just trying to correct some obvious flaws of internet logic.

LordDhampire1878d ago

Its microsoft, you should throw your money at them

BeatDizzle1878d ago

Can't tell if comment is serious or sarcasm?

Eonjay1878d ago

Unless you absolutely have to have a camera interface or a media center device, there is no reason to spend an extra $100 on weaker hardware. Its doesn't make responsible consumer sense.

Responsible consumers don't spend money for something the really don't want or need. If you are a fanboy than go ahead and feel free to support whoever you want but at large most consumers are going to do what makes sense.

Mr1Y1878d ago

Depends on what you plan to use that hardware for ... Some people may buy it for an entertainment device or "Game console/ exclusives " For Instinace, if the ps4 was 500 , and not as powerful as the Xbox one some people would still pay for it weather it be because of loyalty, Exclusives, Game community etc. you can't decide what another person choses for their console even though you think it may be the wrong decision, in their eyes it isn't and is wonderful. Although I am in no way telling you not to tell them facts about the product good or bad . Just let it be, be happy with your product and they'll be happy with theirs, hopefully xD

n4rc1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

exactly.. and if those features are what they want, then they will drop $500 on it.. because THAT makes sense

why is that so hard to comprehend?

n4rc1878d ago

its not inferior hardware... its just... different..

with a different focus.. ps4 should be great at playing games but everything else is up in the air as far as im concerned..

its worth $500 to me... my damn phone is worth $600 and its specs are insignificant to either console.. my laptop too..

ZodTheRipper1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Your laptop & phone do the same things the X1 does without having stuff like Facebook, Twitter or Skype behind the paywall. And I don't think that it does this kind of stuff better than those devices, either.

In the end, you buy it because it's a gaming console, and in that point it's inferior to it's competition in many ways.

IcicleTrepan1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

'Your laptop & phone do the same things the X1 does'

stupidest comment I've ever heard in my life. You are either vastly misinformed about both types of products or you are wilfully trolling.

stuna11878d ago

All we know is that Microsoft is excited about using Kinects 2.0
When it comes other people not so much.

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NatureOfLogic1878d ago

Xbox 360 failed to sell more than PS3 with a year headstart and a cheaper price. There's no way MS can even compete if they release at around the same time, with PS4 at a cheaper price with better specs and features. A higher price doesn't make sense imo.

My_Outer_Heaven1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

I guess that's why your called NatureOfLogic? What your said does sound like common sense.. PS4 will win next gen it's inevitable.

just-joe1878d ago

Let's also point out that Microsoft seems to have cut itself from other markets that aren't in North America. No one in Japan is buying a 360 and Europe has always kind of been comfortable with Sony consoles. I'm sure this will be the case with the Xbox One.

True_Samurai1878d ago

But it took PS over 6 years to catch up

n4rc1878d ago

and took a loss on every one of them...

and offered the best and cheapest bluray player on the market... its sales are not entirely applicable..

Hicken1877d ago

Duh. The 360 didn't just stop selling.

And the PS3 has been profitable since 08-09.

Tell more lies, please.

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Foxgod1878d ago

Its worth ever penny, tnx to the games on it.

KDD101011878d ago

EXACTLY. The PS4 has no good games that aren't multiplatform. Gamescom was the reason I cancelled my PS4 pre-order because Sony announced diddly squat worth buying it for.

sic_chops1878d ago

The top Sony studios are still gonna announce... Naughty dog > xbox none

Campy da Camper1878d ago

Hi, I'm Earth. Have we met?

AceofStaves1878d ago

It's all subjective. Just because you don't like PS4's launch line up doesn't mean the games aren't good. They're just not to your taste.

MS has shown me no exclusive games to make me consider buying an XB1, but that doesn't mean those games are bad. They're just not interesting to me.

No_Limit1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Agreed Fox. For gamers that are excited what the inclusion of Kinect 2.0 will bring is definitely well worth it.

Heck, with the facial animation, motion body capture,and dialog inclusion for Project Spark, that in itself is worth it for me. Imagine waht gamers can come up with with all these new ways of making games and share them.

ZodTheRipper1877d ago

Yeah, facial animation, motion body capture and dialog inclusion sound exactly like the features I want the most on my gaming console.

SilentGuard1878d ago

I don't see how MS feels the One is worth $100 more just becuase of Kinect. It's nothing but an accessory that allows for novel ways to interact with the interface and as for developers using them for games; that only appeals to those that like Kinect games to begin with. For those that dislike Kinect including it is a turn off to buying an Xbox One since including it may actually require using it.

IcicleTrepan1878d ago

Do some research into the cost of Time Of Flight sensors and you'll understand.