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Playable races, open world exploration, tactical teamwork and of course dragons were all on show at the first live gameplay demonstration of Dragon Age Inquisition that we were invited to earlier this week. During the 30 minute presentation, it was clear to see that the team at Bioware Edmonton have been hard at work at crafting the greatest Dragon Age game to date.

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Aleithian1964d ago

So let me get this straight. After abandoning the Grey Wardens story during the second game and setting up a vast Templar/Mage war, they have decided start afresh and write some completely random demon/inquisitor story?

Here's the thing: Dragon Age was a great and epic story of Grey Wardens fighting evil. The prospect after the first game was expanding to see the rest of the world and the rest of the Grey Wardens. The logical and interesting (and expected) story path was to examine how the Grey Wardens might become integral to society after the defeat of the dragon. That is, what place can they find in the new world. We got a taste of that in the expansion to Origins, with the Grey Warden becoming lord in the north. But the excitement lay in this expanding onto the world scale.

The first story even set up the templar/mage dynamic, which would have been the social conflict driving the plot and providing a new challenge for the Grey Wardens. The Wardens could have emerged as a stable social force in a disintegrating world.

We didn't get that, instead getting some dumb story and gameplay stuck in a city.

Now, rather than returning to the world-plot - the templar/mage conflict and the Grey Wardens emerging to save the day - we get another new story. This story has no foundation. I can't rest my feet on any solid ground of plot of 'feel' that constitutes "Dragon Age." To make things worse, the gameplay and aesthetics changes from game to game, so each new installment is totally new.

This is massively disappointing.

ThanatosDMC1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

I know right! They just took a $hit on Dragon Age lore and then threw it away. Now it's more like dragons will just be random enemies instead of advents of evil.

Bioware is really going down hill... we'll they've been dropping after ME1&2 and DA:O.

Btw, here watch this: Game Informer's story about the game.

zeal0us1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Actually the first story really didn't set up the foundation for part two. Part two was rush garbage that EA was looking for a quick cash grab. The overall story in part two was poorly written and jumping all over the place.

One minute you're trying to save money just access the deeproads. Next you're trying to lower the tension between Qunari and the city. Last you're force to choose sides between templar and mages.

Honestly a new story after what happen with DA2 doesn't seem so bad. The game sounds like its leaning more towards the game play DA:O rather something "totally new". There's more exploration than just being stuck in one city this time. So that's a improvement. True customization is back and I'm no longer stuck with being only human.

Overall Inquisition looks like a step forward up the hill rather than another step going downhill.