PC confirmed as lead platform for Dragon Age: Inquisition

Lead platform confirmed, but BioWare promises that the "outcomes" of next-gen versions "should look the same".

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ala_7671872d ago

I am with BioWare! I felt bad esp with the BF4 with huge difference in graphics with PC and PS4 as a console gamer....

Eonjay1872d ago

This confirms that PC is generally going to be the lead platform this generation. This means that PC will generally look best, PS4 will be next and Xbox will be last. They are porting down and sense both consoles are essentially PCs It will be like playing a game on a high end PC, a mid spec PC (PS4), and a lower spec PC (Xbox). This is what Sony meant when they said games will look better on PS4 every time. Because games will also look better on high end PC every time.

KING851872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

The PS4 and Xbox 1 graphical differences will depend on what the developers do. We've seen time and time again developers making things look "equal" on both Sony and Microsoft's platform. I think it may happen next gen as well. Hopefully not as I believe each platform should be used to its fullest potential.
Please don't see this as nick picking but it's
not sense it is since. I know it appears to be a common mistake amongst many.

Eonjay1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

LOL I remember stopping and looking at 'sense' when I typed it thinking something seemed off. Thank you for proving that I'm not crazy. And also, its important to note that developers are going to be using similar code across the board that runs on each systems GPU. All things weighed equal, the PS4 should still, by every account of the number system, run smoother. In other words, if it runs on Xbox, it will run on PS4. This will always be true of a PC lead project.

zeal0us1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

Wouldn't WiiU be last?

It's good to see the PC as the lead platform. Given the fact that most of the press demos are done on the PC.

clae11872d ago

Will look best in pc, xbox one then ps4. you have your opinion I have mine. What u just said is not fact, nobody knows how ps4 and xbox one version will look like.

starchild1872d ago

Each platform should be taken advantage of to its full potential.

The amount of games leading on PC is great. It should result in a better product for everybody.

KING851872d ago

I totally agree with that statement as whatever plays on the Xbox One should theoretically run fine on the PS4. I guess what will set the consoles apart will always be the exclusives. I had both 360 and PS3 this gen as well as I built a PC. I've always preferred Sony when it came to exclusives and more than likely it will remain that way. I'll pick up an Xbox One eventually, and PC will always be for multiplatform games excepting Call of Duty. Titanfall is looking to be a great game, but I'm definitely looking forward to Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1872d ago

In this day and age everything should lead on pc.

Hope like bf4 they wont hold back pc for ps4 and xbone.

hqgamez1872d ago

can anyone load this site. I never can.

ritsuka6661872d ago

PC always will be better than consoles. ALWAYS.

medziarz1872d ago

To me it looks like the Frostbite engine basically sucks on consoles and is only good on PC.
that's the reason for BF4 problems on PS4 and silence about X1 version, now Bioware is finding consoles (in Frostbite) not fit for lead development.

Gamer19821872d ago

So excited as thanks to these new consoles PC is gonna rule this generation. it's stupid not to go with PC. It's gonna be the lead platform for most games and will look better on PC. Not to mention cheaper over time so why bother with the consoles??

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cyguration1872d ago

With a bunch of next-gen games running on PCs at the trade-show, it was kind of obvious which platform was the lead platform.

Master-H1872d ago

Figured as much , i didn't play DA2, however i bought DA O for ps3 when i first got my ps3 and even though i liked the game and the story,the technical issues made me quit the game after i reached the battle with the arch demons i think( after you meet that witch in the woods, i was a mage) , and i sold it, it was just horrid, bad graphics and extreme screen tearing or FPS drops i don't know what to call them but the game was laggy as hell and kinda made me sick, you could literally feel it when you walk around the village, was unplayable to me.

Hopefully the console version of this one won't be a POS that i have to sell if i ever bought it.

ATi_Elite1872d ago

This is good to hear as Dragon Age 1 really was liked by the PC Gaming community then that CRAP DA2 came out.

Hopefully they realized just how much The Witcher 2 KICKED their butts and are on the correct path to regaining PC and Console fans back by making a PROPER Dragon Age sequel on all 3 platforms.

krazykombatant1872d ago

Gonna need more than this to bring me back BioWare.

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