Diehard GameFan Review: Octomania

Diehard GameFan writes: "Octomania is a weird product; taken as the sum of its parts it's a weird, quirky little puzzle game that's generally tolerable but little more than that, but when one examines each of its component parts individually, it becomes an interesting example of everything that is wrong with, in no particular order, American localization of games, puzzle games, quirky Japanese games, voice acting in quirky Japanese games, the Wii online service, and the Wii in general. Now, to be fair, and we should really get this out of the way up front, Octomania is by no means a bad game, and this isn't meant to be disparaging so to say; the problem essentially is that so many of the elements of the game are a comedy of errors on a base level that, if not for the fact that it's technically competent and budget priced, it probably wouldn't have anything going for it at all."

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