Xbox One Vs. PS4: Sony Coasting Along As Microsoft Fights Back

"With Gamescom over, we take a look where Microsoft and Sony stand with their respective next generation consoles."

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Godmars2901875d ago

*Xbox One Vs. PS4: Sony Coasting Along As Microsoft Gets Back On It's Feet After Tripping Over Them Many, many Times*

Title fixed.

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MariaHelFutura1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Specs: PS4
Restrictions: PS4
F2P: PS4
Price: PS4
Exclusive Devs: PS4
TV: Both (PS4 does not require your cable box)
Camera w/ Voice Recognition: Both
Preorders: PS4
Polls: PS4
Recording Time: PS4
Friendlist: PS4
Countries Available: PS4
Headset Options: PS4
Controller: PS4 (doesn't require AA's or accessories)
Indie Support: PS4
Consistency: PS4
Previous Console Support: PS4
Cloud Services: PS4 (Imo)
Xbox One
Argument over.

ForgottenProphecy1875d ago

I'd give the camera w/ Voice recognition to Xbox, because it actually comes with the console. Not many people are going to buy the PS Eye, thus nobody is going to add PS Eye features to their games after the first few games

hennessey861875d ago

One thing I don't get is the "all of a sudden" Microsoft don't support indies when Xbox live has a dedicated indie section :/

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Xsilver1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

i'm buying the pseye because i wanna broadcast my games on ps4 with my friends or get that KZ bundle with the pseye and two controllers if it comes to the US. either way the eye was always on my list.

Dlacy13g1875d ago

@MariaHelFutura... you are too funny. fight on my friend

Godmars2901875d ago


Always thought that their idea of support was about getting revenue from creators and gamers and being able to say they have content without really having any concern what that content was. Which was why they got complaints about advertising on XBL from advertisers.

TheKayle11875d ago

maria do yourself a favour turn off the better

DatRealBoy1875d ago

All Hail QUEEN MARIA!!! lol this is too funny Xbox Defenders can't handle facts lol one even said give xbox the voice control because the camera is packed in the box grasping for straws lol

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VforVideogames1875d ago

just " shutUpAndGiveThemYourMoney "

mistertwoturbo1875d ago

Yeah Microsoft stumbled themselves, Sony's just on the sideline pointing and laughing Haa Haa!

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ape0071875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

the only way MS can stood against sony is to make a kinectless SKU, ps4 is outselling xbox one in North America, yes u heard it North America !!

let me sum reasons why ms must make kinectless SKU....

1-ps4 is cheaper, cheaper consoles almost always sell more

2-ps4 is the 1st console in history that is cheaper and NOT WEAKER

3- sony's name

4-ps3 sold with higher rate than xbox 360

5-sony's STRONG rep/momentum after E3


7-too many people aren't interested in kinect and rather have extra game + accessory

8-more freedom is better, 2 SKUs is better than a forced one, u can't have your fierce enemy have that 399$ (sweet spot) alternative

Belking1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Ms will have a kinectless console. They are just being smart with their cam unlike Sony. Get the hardware out their first and then the support will come. Sony knows if they offered the same package they would get stomped in the US. They are the ones who need this success right out of the gate. They know if they came with an expensive console it would be curtains for them because an e pensive ps4 would hurt the struggling ps vita even more. MS is doing it right . Get kinect out there now and sell as many units as possible so debs will support it. After that drop kinect and sell the console cheaper.

Then they will have saturated the market width kinect and will be more competitive. A cheaper xox one will definitely sell because of the advantages in features it holds. This console war isn't just about the launch. This will be a long drawn out thing, just like this gen. I expect ms to still come out the winner in the US regardless. On the other hand Sony has to worry about nintendo''s domination of the vita too. It's not gonna be all roses or Sony the way people are thinking.

alexkoepp1875d ago

If MS drops kinect developers will drop support. They need to stick to their guns on this.

objdadon1875d ago

Doesn't matter how many kinects you get out there a lot of people are just never gonna use it.

ForgottenProphecy1875d ago

I wouldn't say MS is going to dominate the US, but I predict around the middle of this upcoming generation, Xbox One will outsell PS4 in the US. Towards the start of the next next generation (PS5 and Xbox Two), PlayStation will have sold more PS4's than Microsoft have sold Xbox One's, simply because Sony will support PS4 after PS5's launch, just like Ps2 and Ps3, and Microsoft will start slowing down support for One a year or two before Two's launch, just like 360.

GribbleGrunger1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

What? Sell X1 with Kinect so that devs will support it and then release an X1 without a Kinect. That's a good strategy? Dear Lord.

Jaqen_Hghar1875d ago

Except that Sony outsold MS even when they were $200 more expensive and had terrible internet at the start of the gen. They gave Xbox a 2 year grace period (the year they weren't out and then their too expensive internet lagging behind year) and yet they have a 600k lead and growing. A man doesn't see how a user thinks they NEEDED to be cheaper. Also $460 gets you a PScamera and PS4. Sony obviously wouldn't make it that weird price so it would still be $50 cheaper and more powerful. The online gap is gone even other than X game chat on current gen so obviously it won't come back with Sony now having established their online and putting up a paywall. The perceived controller gap (though many prefer PS controller) is gone with DS4 making so many improvements. The price gap has swung $300 back to Sony's favor. The release gap has swung a year in Sony's favor. The architecture is now easy for PS so that gap is closed (so now 3rd party plus exclusives look better instead of just exclusives). The exclusive studio gap is still there though as is the online value of Plus compared to Live. Sorry a man doesn't see PS NEEDING price after this gen.

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DatRealBoy1875d ago

I don't understand why people downplay the playstation brand Never Underestimate The Power of Playstation

chrissx1875d ago

Sonys Ps4 is the world heavy weight champion,others are competing for the title shot.

ABeastNamedTariq1875d ago

I hoping for good things at TGS from Sony. That would make PS4 so much sweeter lol. Persona 5! TLG! Dark Cloud 3!? We shall see!

GotEnder1875d ago

would love dark cloud 3

alexkoepp1875d ago

Sony's camera has no chance of being anything but Kinect 1.0 this gen. I support Kinect being packaged in every system. 1st party microsoft games have potential of doing awesome stuff with it. Remains to be seen how multiplatform games will take advantage of it if at all. Microsoft had everything right in the begining and its a shame they have backed out of much of it. They were forward thinking where Sony has not been.

As Henry Ford said, "If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses."

The large majority of people just don't know what is good for them.

SmokingMonkey1875d ago

Focusing on Kinect is the reason why the xbox has been failing since 2010.


Belking1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Yea Xbox has been profiting since 2009. Ps3 didn't start till 2011 and ps4 development has wiped those out. Xbox isn't the one that's failing. Who's the one that sold more last gen than this gen? It's not Xbox. Who has the handheld that's not selling right now? Who has the cloud service that ready and available right now that devs are using and gamers will be using on day one of the console launch? Xbox is moving this cloud thing forward while Sony is still behind the curve til 2014 and even then it will only be partially ready by only being available in one country while ms has servers available around the world.

The only thing Sony can say is that they have the cheaper price. That's about it. Other than that they hold no advantages. Once xboxone launches and the advertising campaign from ms starts its gonna be even tougher for Sony. When you're only worth 20 billion and your competitor is worth about 15 times that much, that makes things much more difficult. This is gonna be a long and hard fight for both and Sony really needs to one out swinging. They really can't afford not to.

DigitalRaptor1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

God. poor Belking, getting the wrong end of the stick, yet again.

And then continuing to justify why PS4 isn't the number one presence of both consoles at the moment by a devastating landslide - even in Microsoft's home turf - dealing himself fantasies that will most likely help him sleep at night. PS4 is dominating, and needs zero reputation management compared to Microsoft and the Xbox One, which is being stomped in both pre-orders, developer support and public attention and perception, and is still reeling from the self-infliction. And Sony has yet to reveal their hand to the world.

"No advantages" pahahhhaha.

n4rc1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

well said.. bub for you... i completely agree..

sony used to do the exact same thing.. pushing innovation and things people didnt even know they wanted yet..

they needed a home run to right the ship... and thankfully for them it looks like they have one..

but that doesnt diminish xbox in any way... they are following the tradition as they can afford the risk in doing so


31 straight months as the best selling console in the us kinda makes your comment unfounded

AceBlazer131875d ago

Cause the US is the only market right? Fuck me for believing other markets exist right?I should go complain to my geography teacher. I should go call the guys that draw maps and let them know the rest of the world doesn't exist.Get Bloomberg on the phone US is the only market that matters.

n4rc1875d ago

no.. but its their market..

guy wants to say xbox has been failing for 3 years.. yet they are #1 for those same 3 years..

and worldwide sales are about even... again.. hardly failing..

but like always, you knew exactly what i was talking about...

AceBlazer131875d ago

Oh woe is me and the little knowledge I have about my wants and desires.I should thank Microsoft for telling me what it is I truly wanted in a gaming console, I thought I knew myself but alas I was wrong.

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