Three reasons why you should avoid purchasing next generation consoles this year

GameNGuide: "Here we have put forth three reasons why it might just be a good idea to not buy any of the next generation consoles right out of the gate when they release later this year, and wait until both of their powers are completely understood and scrutinized."

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ZodTheRipper1876d ago

Of course it's not the smartest thing to buy one this year, especially if you have a huge this-gen backlog anyway, but being one of the first is just so tempting. Also, I'm kind of bored by most recent games, a lot of games just feel like I've played them before.

Nitrowolf21876d ago

one thing I did like about buying the PS3 and Wii the first year was that they had much more in terms of hardware feature than later versions. The PS3 Phat had 2 additional USB, Card/Flash Readers, and thew ability to play PS2 games, whereas with the early Wii Models had the gamecube controller slot and ability to play them.

I don't really see that happening this time around, since neither have backward support nor do they have additional feature rooted to the hardware that seem likely to be cut later.

Tapioca Cold1876d ago

Let me ask the author, are you buying a next gen console this year?

No? Good, then i wont have the unfortunate opportunity to play multiplayer with you.

Yes? Then STFU!!!

thekhurg1876d ago

No thanks. I'm buying this year, day one PS4 actually.

mario191876d ago

New tech is fun so for a video gamer day one is a must

SpinalRemains1381876d ago


Wow, first time I have ever used that word.

Next Gen consoles are like Star Wars and beer. Same rule applies.


D3acon1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

So what are you telling me to do? Go buy drugs, huh, is that what you want?

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