3 Theories On Xbox Fusion’s Secret Identity

WC - Prior to the Xbox One reveal many thought Xbox Fusion would carry the namesake of Microsoft’s next-gen console.

The information came to light after a domain registration blog, Fusible, reported that Microsoft had registered several domain names related to Xbox Fusion. Speculation circulated that the Xbox 360′s successor would be the Xbox Fusion.

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iamnsuperman1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )


edit: I don't think it will be anything. It did throw people off (at the time) or it could have just been a possible name for the Xbox at one point but decided to go with the one. Leaks are annoying for these companies, especially names, as people get the domain name which these companies have to buy it back

Sayai jin1873d ago


Seriously, MS should have not been so vague about the Xbox One and then the changes. Oh well, all they can do now is move on and promote the system as much as possible.