Are PAX attendees more excited for the PS4 or Xbox One?

PAX 2013 is in full swing, with thousands descending on the Seattle Convention center to check out the year's biggest games. This year, in particular, is poised to be especially exciting--with new consoles right around the corner, gamers have their first chance to check out that the next-generation of hardware has to offer.

So, what are PAX gamers most excited for? We asked dozens of attendees which they wanted to buy later this year. Here's their response.

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xer01876d ago

PS4 on day 1.
I can't wait for Tokyo game show line up.

whoyouwit041876d ago ShowReplies(11)
NewMonday1876d ago

the opinions reflect the market tendency, still it is very strange to see this much going to the PS4 in the USA

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31876d ago

Not really since the PS4 is $100 cheaper.

CGI-Quality1876d ago

Not really, since the PS2 and PS1 were more dominant and PlayStation is returning to many of its roots, including being one of the cheaper options.

adorie1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Perhaps the informed era of gaming is here, I think. The internet, word of mouth has done a great deal of good for the PS4.

I was at a Wal-Mart yesterday, I saw 2 cardboard cutouts of PS4 and Xbox One. They have slots with little papers you can take to the cashier to get your pre-order. Now, with that said, the PS4 cutout had 8 slots, a few empty, the others had between 2 and 5 papers inside the remaining slots, the Xbox One cutout had 4 slots with plenty of papers packed inside.

I think it's obvious here that the slots are indicative to how much supply both Sony and MS have for Wal-Mart and also a whole, if the articles we've been reading about supply are anything to go by.

Picnic1875d ago

They go USA when it's cheaper.

user74029311875d ago

they do reflect the market

Boody-Bandit1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

2 of the comments I thought were most interesting in the video when asked not just what their preference but why their preference.

Which do you want (and why)?
PS4 because it's emphasis is on games and I'm a gamer.

XBOX ONE because I like that it's more of a multimedia device.

NewMonday1875d ago


"..XBOX ONE because I like that it's more of a multimedia device"

ironically from one of the audience that is also the reason he doesn't want the XB1

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AbortMission1876d ago

Who would even thumb you down? (Xbots) Lol

Xsilver1876d ago

that PC guy was so random lol and the wiiu guy

Sevir1876d ago

Not half as random as the tall kid that said WiiU... Lol wow, The PS4 got plenty of mention... I lost count! Lol

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1876d ago

without looking I will say ps4 hands down..

-Foxtrot1876d ago

LOL at some of the comments of the page

"All the PS4 fanboys don't know why they like it, its a bandwagon... thats why I am getting Xbox One"


NukaCola1876d ago

Well I have had a Playstation since I was 11 back in 1996 and have always enjoyed what Sony has to offer. After 3 gens of consoles and 2 gens of handhelds I trust the value of PS and will stick with them. So that being sad PS4 is a day one. Sorry guys I jumped on the bandwagon 17 years ago. I guess I'm just a fan boy hahaha

Eddie201011876d ago

There was one kid that could not express his reason for getting a PS4, that equals all PS4 fans not knowing why they like it.

Xbox fan are morons.

Eonjay1876d ago

LOL at the one dude who is like "duh Wii U" lol

FamilyGuy1876d ago

This video is a slaughter house.
MS better re-think not packing a game with the X1 here in the U.S., they're losing fans.

redwin1876d ago

Xbox One for sure, the only game I'm looking forward to in thePS4 is infamous and ill get it in a later date but, online games are more important to me and that's why I made up my mind.

SanMarco1876d ago

Jeez Adam Sessler is loaded.

Picnic1875d ago

He's like Nick Nolte without the films.

Sayai jin1876d ago

Now we are comparing something that is subjective in nature. Are Xbox 1 or PS4 supporters more excited? Gaming journalism (I cringe to even call it that) is pathetic.

On topic, gamers should always be excited for new games, systems, etc.

HaMM4R1875d ago

I think the whole point of the video isn't to show which people are more excited for, its to show which console is more popular. Which is no doubt PS4.

I do agree with your second statement though. I will be getting a PS4 first because I think it will deliver a better experience overall. PS+ is hands down worth more than xbox live. In a few years when the extra horsepower really matters PS4 will come out on top graphically. If the past is any indication then support for the xbox will dwindle towards the end of the generation and plus PS4 has better games (in my view) plus some great F2P titles and indie games. Ryse looks like complete shit and I can get titanfall (which looks awesome!) On PC or 360. Although I do wish DR3 was coming out for PS4 or PC.

In the end though I will no doubt get an xbone. There are still some games for the platform that excite me (mainly halo :P) and i'll go where I can get good games with the best experience. Thats what gets me about PC elitists. 'WOO PC MASTER RACE!' Yeah have fun playing some of the best games this gen like last of us, heavy rain halo 3 and gears, oh whats that? Your precious PC doesn't have those games. Aw too bad (Take note my main platform is PC, but I also have a 360/PS3/Wii/Wii U) Rant over :P

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CaptainPunch1876d ago

Going to try and get my hands on everything, just hate waiting in line.

majiebeast1876d ago

So have you checked anything out yet?

CaptainPunch1876d ago

Yeah a bit here and there. Driveclub looks and plays great, looking forward to that. Also Pokemon X/Y is really awesome.

dredgewalker1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Does getting you hands on "everything" include the booth babes?

majiebeast1876d ago

Dont think PAX has booth babes its not allowed.

dredgewalker1876d ago

Dang that sucks, that's like looking at a garden without flowers. I can't attend these kind of events since I'm in another country.

iamnsuperman1876d ago

The child at 1 minute really should really have a reason for his choice. That was awkward.

Interviewer: Xbox One or PS4?

Guy: Wii U (whilst looking at the guy like he is and idiot)

soo funny

majiebeast1876d ago

Dude with bieber hair: Xbox 1 baby!

Interviewer: We all could have guessed that one.

warewolfSS1876d ago

What's so elite and sophisticated about Sony only owners?

andrewsqual1876d ago

Nothing but even you have to admit it was funny that there was a lot of people that said PS4 and were all very normal people.
Then some of the only amount of people who said Xbox One sounded like they were enthusiastic on the inside but living in denial like that dumb guy majiebeast mentioned.

Hicken1876d ago

@warewolfSS: Well, most of us are out of high school, for starters.

Eddie201011876d ago


I have owned nearly every console including the Xbox and Xbox 360.

I will not be getting an Xbox One.

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Picnic1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

That young man is symbolic of many PS4 supporters right now who might as well say 'I like PS4 because a man who writes for Edge who shouts at gypsies said so'.

Many people like to be a pseudo-intellectual, motion controller, hater now and what better way, especially if you were getting by with the Xbox360 during its last days, than to jump ship to the PS4? At the very time when the PS4 is , yes, settled, but also a bit conservative early on as Sony consoles always are.

dontbhatin1875d ago

I'm having trouble understanding everything in your comment. Makes no sense. All i can get out of this comment is you are bashing people that like the ps4 and prefer it because they hear good things about it.

Same thing could be said with people jumping on the 360 because that person didn't want to get a PS3 cause all their friends had a 360.

Seriously, there is nothing but great things coming from Sony with this console. If you go on the streets and ask anybody who plays video games they most likely will be preferring the PS4 due to all the good news and not the XB1 with all its negative news and 180 policy changes from their "future-proof vision"

Picnic1875d ago

Reply to dontbhatin:

Yes, the same thing could be said about people jumping on the Xbox360. I personally didn't jump on it- I got a PS3.

But just because a company ends up having a decent line up of games in the end like Sony doesn't mean that I'm not allowed to be excited about playing some games that the competition are doing, no matter how close or not to a PC they may look.

TheGreatGamer1876d ago

I've never heard ps4 spoken so many times in 3 minutes

Wizziokid1876d ago

PS4 for me, it has the better dev's behind it in my opinion, I mean i would hate to miss a Naughty dog game, also it's cheaper and offers a more powerful console which will result in better experiences