Test Drive Unlimited 2 confirmed by Eden Games

Developer Eden Games has confirmed in a video interview with French website UGame.tv that Test Drive Unlimited 2 is indeed in development. The first game was developed by Eden Games as well and was released in september 2006 on Xbox 360 and PC. Playstation 2 and PSP versions were released a short time later. Now development on the sequel has been confirmed by Eden Games president David Nadal. No specific details on the game were mentioned, nor were platforms.

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NaViTo5916d ago

Test Drive Unlimited was good, I hope this new game came out for the PS3 too.

Tarasque5916d ago

I wasnt a big fan of Test Drive Unlimited.

ironwolf5916d ago

I really liked the first one.

fishy3235916d ago

yeah i hope is for ps3 and i hope you could custimes your car

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Looking back to 2011 and the Botched Launch of Test Drive Unlimited 2

Richard writes: "The series may have a cult following, but ten years on Test Drive Unlimited 2 still upsets me. It was one of my most anticipated games ever, with a concept years ahead of what Forza Horizon could achieve. But it remains one of the buggiest launches of a game I can remember, completely tarnishing my memory of it."

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Test Drive Unlimited 2 gets a must-have Multiplayer Mod

DSOGaming writes: "TDU World is an Online Server and Mod Pack Project for Test Drive Unlimited 2 that is currently available for download."

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Iceball20001232d ago

Such an underrated game, the only problem I had with it was the car physics on anything more powerful the a Golf GTI. But to me this was the original Forza Horizon


Cult Classics – Test Drive Unlimited 2

Game Informer - It's hard to imagine what to do in a car game except race other cars, and yet with Test Drive Unlimited 2, developer Eden Games found a way to expand the genre's horizons enough to offer an experience that's slightly different from your average racer. Eden's ambition came with a cost, but Test Drive Unlimited 2 is a game that I remember fondly and appreciate for the chances it takes.

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RavageX4044d ago

This game gets a bad rap, but I enjoy it still. The idea was great, I think that if the devs were just better supported it could have been something truly epic.

Would love to see something like this again, especially on a next gen console.

wallis4044d ago

Dear gameinformer,

look up the fucking definition of cult classic,


anyone who knows what "cult" or "classic" means.