Check Out Batman's New Shock Gloves in Action - Arkham Origins

IGN - We grab one Bat-fan to see the Dark Knight's newest gadget and weigh in on how Rocksteady's successor is doing.

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-Foxtrot1876d ago

This is why im hating this prequel...or prequel games in general

Where the hell was this gadget in Arkham City.....the way this game looks and the gadgets in it make it seem like a sequel

RedDeadLB1875d ago

Doesn't mean Batman didn't have them, maybe he just never used em. Think outside the box a little bit. They can't dumb down the gameplay just because it's a prequel.

Yukicore1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

True that, but it doesn't end there, there was this "prototype" grapnel boost in Arkham City, guess what, it's in Batman Arkham Origins.

But lets not be anal about this, this game is not going to get hurt by this at all, quite opposite, it only gains. But it's just a little weird, that's all. Creative developers would take this in mind, and could even in process make the game better and more interesting.

But You have to appreciate that this game looks as good as it does, entirely different developers are making this game, so I've heard.

GenericNameHere1875d ago

They're just being true to the comics. You know, retconning things...

RedSoakedSponge1875d ago

does any know what Rocksteady are up to now? since they arent making this game i mean.

Nunchez1875d ago

Hopefully working really hard on the next gen Batman.

R00bot1875d ago

Am I the only one that has trouble loading IGN videos? They just seem to take FOREVER to load, and it really annoys me.

Austin481875d ago

Your not the only one ign video just ain't good loading