IGN - We've Played The Elder Scrolls Online

IGN - And it's basically Skyrim with friends. That's pretty enticing -- even with a subscription fee.

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Sci0n1878d ago

that's a good thing right?

1878d ago
gamertk4211878d ago

Since it is pay to play, I hope they at least sell it for 40/50 and include the first month, or include 2 free months with a 60 price tag.

1878d ago
Xsilver1878d ago

then what am i paying for

Baka-akaB1878d ago

I've been uninsterested or underwhelming by many titles in my life , hell i'm very nitpicking and peculiar with game .

But yeah , in lack of better terms and eloquence skills , this is truly the game that embodies "Meh" for me .