First details of online of Grid and two new artworks

eNe3 has for you the first details of online of Race Driver: Grid and two new artworks.

eNe3 is a Portuguese videogames blog, so a I used a translator.

And because the new features of the new heading of the Codemasters want to arrive "all today", we have here the first official information of the multi-player, speaking specifically of online, of Race Driver: GRID, as well as new works of art. Because not to see them in the expanded area? First, the details: In a race online, after the first one classified to finish it, the remains have 30 seconds to arrive at the line of the goal. If such not to happen, for beyond not being register the time of these corridors, the final classification will be determined for the position of each one in the end of these the 30 seconds. Start to exemplifier: if, after the time it has limited, the classified room not to finish the race, keeps this position; They excuse to try to ruin the race to the adversary walking in contrary direction. Reason? Because who making will have its off system of collisions, what the GRID takes off great joke; As in any another game of races that has support online, in Race Driver: GRID host of a race will be able to choose: the rules, the type of race and the event; GRID goes to allow the players to make private races; The users will be able to see the times of each race made for another user, as well as its positions in each one, the total of races earn, lost, the total covered (in principle in kilometers) and clearly, a system of ranking will exist; All the players will start as Rookies. If if to strengthen, will be able to arrive at the level highest, Legend; Unhappily, we will not be able to keep to our races online, as it happens with the feats made in Skate. However, if they find that they go to make a great race, invite spectators to see you at this great moment; Events will exist where the complete returns will not be counted, only the time, as for example the Le Mans (yes, will exist this test in Race Driver: GRID), Drift and races of resistance, that last and last... But most common they are the traditional races where the returns are counted; Talking about the number of returns of a race, GRID will have all of 1 the 10. From there for top, only of 5 in 5; Coming back to the Le Mans, unhappily, we will not be able to make it online.

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What's with all the foreign blogs posts, this shouldn't be allowed. This site should be english only.

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please don't post anymore articles that are badly translated, i wasted 5 mins of my life trying to read this