Grand Theft Auto and the platform debate

Frank Caron from arstechnica writes:

"With Grand Theft Auto IV creeping ever closer to release, I find myself debating which platform I should buy it for. Early previews of the title from outlets around the globe suggest that the two are virtually identical: a parity that has been a long time coming. The Xbox 360 versions of multi-platform games have generally been the superior versions: it's hard to break that preconception.

Both Rockstar and Sony have commented that this notion is slowly being disproved as the era of PS3 infancy has come to an end. As one IGN article points out, the core differences are as inconsequential as some "minor visual differences," as the 360 version is "brighter and has slightly more vibrant color" while the PS3 version "has less aliasing issues." So, then, the only question that remains is one that's not quite so easily answered-at least for me.

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sonarus3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

here we go again with another opinion article.

I really need to make my decision soon. Main thing holding me back from choosing ps3 is achievements. GTA4 being an open world game, would be nice to keep unlocking achievements even long after i have it. I personally don't go out of my way to get achievements but i think achievements would work nice for a game like GTA4

PS3 version for me boils down to home integration and online play with friends. Would be nice to see what rockstar does with home and it would suck if it was something awesome and i end up missing out on it because of some lame DLC.

On the other hand would suck to miss out on excellent DLC for lame home integration:|

solar3838d ago

but there so fun!


Breakfast3838d ago

@ Sonarus

Your heart says PS3, but your brain says 360. That should sum up what your thinking.

wow4u3838d ago

Yes, its an "opinion" as much as any piece of media is opinion.

ArsTechnica is very well respected, and has one of the best record of editorial and journalistic integrity in Internet technology media.

Perhaps you'd like another story from trashing the Xbox 360? Would that be better for you?

RecSpec3838d ago

Hey, this kind of article is better than say a "Top 7 games you feel dirty playing" article.

3838d ago
Dr Pepper3838d ago

@ sephiroths_revenge

Reported as Spam. You just posted that comment down below. If you hate GTA so much just stay out of the GTA threads.

Expy3838d ago

If you have XBOX 360 GOLD: - Online IS a factor
If you don't have XBOX 360 GOLD: - Online only available on PSN, unless you chuck out more $$$

Achievements: - Currently available for XBOX Live (online achivements only available if you have paid the $$$ for GOLD)
- Will be available for PSN when HOME is released, not yet available.

DLC/Home Integration: - DLC is still "in the air". No information about it, nobody knows what it is or how much it'll cost, but it will cost $$$, Microsoft doesn't give away $50M for free.
- No DLC on PS3, however, HOME is free since the Home network and the HOME integrated spaces offered by companies are free to access. No need to spend additional $$$.

Console reliability: - 360 still has reliability issues no matter what Microsoft says, will it withstand the punishment of GTAIV?

Basically the only variables you have to take into account as a multi-console owner.

Lifendz3838d ago

and 360, I'd get the 360 version. That's just me though. I buy games that are on one particular system historically for that system. Same with God of War. I would never buy it on 360. GTA, the choice is simple. It's a Sony game. I'm sure it'll play just fine on 360 but I think it'd feel really awkward reaching for the GTA case to play and seeing it in green with that Xbox logo on it. Just my opinion though.

RealityCheck3838d ago

Agree with 1.8, as a multiple console owner I had to ponder these factors. In the end while one records achievements they both offer the same actual gameplay out of the box. I'm on my 3rd 360 so keeping this console alive to play true exclusives is more important than points in a gamerscore. PS3 version for me.

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toughNAME3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

Who even owns a PS3?

I don't think there are any PS3 owners on this site.

Breakfast3838d ago

Wait a your real name Frank Caron?

toughNAME3838d ago

lmao I know...except mine was better

Breakfast3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

lol...before your second reply would have been an edit. :) haha.

DJ3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

I sure as hell don't have one; wouldn't touch the thing. =P

alcaponedya3838d ago

one thing that doesn't RROD

The Wood3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )


bubbles for u guys above

gameraxis3838d ago

proud owner at that, what of it?

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power of Green 3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

[email protected]#1, he pretends to be sick of this yet 90% of whats posted on this site is made up of what you claim this is. Be honest and admit its the two or three positive 360 posts you're sick of not the nature of the type of news post this is.

Can't wait to see that "aliasing issues" nonsense debunked not saying if they got fixed or somebody lied.

power of Green 3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

You dissagree?, Sonuras would not have a problem if this was completely pro Sony thats a fact!.

Somebody said the 360 version had "aliasing issues" when no one else said so. Should we believe the preveiwer that said it was the PS3 version that had graphical glitches/issues and the 360 version did not" too?.

Vito_corleone3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

Your a disgrace for la famiglia Corleone

Sir Ken Kutaragi 43838d ago

Do you think you could get him some Concrete Boots??? ;-D
So later he will be sleeping with the fishes??? ;-D
GOD HE BORES ME...Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Power of BOREDOM...Zzzzzzzzzz

Kaz Hirai3838d ago

Power of Whine, do you want King Kaz to call you a WAAAAHHHMBULANCE? Do you want King Kaz to call WHINE-ONE-ONE?


Vito_corleone3838d ago

Dont worry Krazy Ken ill' make him an offer he can not refuse... Wink wink :)

gambare3838d ago

you are a total FANBOY, I guess you are part of the M$h1t defense force but really, you excuse your hardcore kiddie fanboyism calling others fanboys while you attack anyone who says something bad against your putrid console

power of Green 3838d ago

Sony fanboy metal health is frightening just trying to understand where you people come from is doing me harm.

gambare3838d ago

not only fanboy but a total nerd, wow

Sir Ken Kutaragi 43838d ago

Don't forget the Horses Head to!!! ;-D

(One(Other thing)a xBox360 Fan on this seems to lack is a Sense of Humour!!!SOOOOOO BORING...Hmm like Micro$oft&Billy Gate$!!!) ;-D

GiantEnemyCrab3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

PoG - They can't debate you so they just try to insult you.

Keep fighting the bullsh!t that Sony fishheads keep throwing out on this forum.

JVIDICAN: STFU, I didn't ask you for your opinion.

JVIDICAN3838d ago

dont encourage the guy
hes made enouph of a fool of himself already

JVIDICAN3838d ago

someones a little pissy... 0_o

LarVanian3838d ago

You mentioned a thing called metal health in one of your posts.
I have never heard of this sickness before. Is it new?

Sony sucks balls3838d ago

Your absolutely right P.O.G. these knob gobblers have no clue what the hell they are talking about.

Z F1GHT3RS3837d ago

lol at knob goblers lol XD.

Pain3837d ago

open mouth ~BS flows~

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Ureval3838d ago

I dont own a PS3, but if I did I would wait until the reviews start showing up to decide. Xbox online and DLC are a big consideration though.

littletad3838d ago

For merely choosing the 360 version, no matter your simplistic reasons. A lot of poster boys here.

wow4u3838d ago

*It will be bigger than a lot of people think.

*GTA3 Vice City and San Andreas were basically expansions of GTA3. Think of the DLC that way. We are talking major expansion for GTAIV

*No price has been discussed yet. It’s up to Rockstar on whether or not they will charge for it.


*ONLY* on N4G are the expansion packs not a major consideration. GTAIII:VC and GTAIII:SA *outsold* GTAIII.

That's the point. People *do* want the Expansions for GTAIV, and the Xbox 360 is the only place to get them.

jmare3838d ago

I have to call you out on those quotes. MS saying that the DLC will be the second coming is like Sony saying "you will fvck your own mother just to play MGS4 and FF XIII because they are so cool and huge and awesome." What else do you expect MS to say? "We just wasted $50 million on something most people aren't going to buy anyway"? That's not going to happen. And while they were built of of refined versions of the same engine, VC and SA are not "expansions" to GTA III. And if you think they are, then you don't seem to have a grasp of the definition of expansion as it relates to games.

JD_Shadow3838d ago actually use the Bluffbag as a source.

Since when have THEY ever been able to get ANYTHING straight?

3838d ago
3838d ago
3838d ago
dantesparda3838d ago

McLovin, you're talking about "anger" when you're the one who obviously angry here. And then you wanna talk about fanboys, like you aint one. Come on! you aint fooling anybody, except maybe yourself. And besides, its obvious that you are just some regular Xbox fanboy from this site, who decided to come up with new bogus account to talk sh!t, to the PS3 fanboys.

And n4user what-ever-your name is. You're always coming on the PS side just to talk sh!t, always! You need to get of the nuts! why does anybody even treat this guy like he's giving legitmated opinions? he just giving you his hate filled biased a$$ed opinions that are just designed to denegrate the PS3 and its fanboys. Come on people, catch on!

3838d ago
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eagle213838d ago

Get the game on your console of choice. Like the "world's first GTA IV reviewer said, "it"s about PREFERENCE". lol ;)

ruibing3838d ago

It's really much simpler for people like me who only own a single console, I'm obviously not going to buy a 360 for this game when I already have a PS3.

ICUP3838d ago

Same here, i only have a ps3 so....

lawman11083838d ago

The truth hurts...........wait for the sales numbers,you KNOW software is going to be off the hook for MS 360 but hardware too. Boo-Hoo Sony Homo force, get your crying towels out ...AGAIN