MGS4 on XBOX 360 Clarified

I know there has been a heated thread about this already, but xboxic has an update from a credible source to clarify the situation. Also, they state that the magazine will be out next week, so we can read the rumor mill for ourselves.

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"Che Chou, ex-1UP staffer and developer at Microsoft’s Forza 2 team, has this to say about the whole deal:

It’s simply a rumor that Konami higher-ups are pressuring Kojima Productions to consider making MGS4 a multiplatform game because production costs on the game are unsurprisingly high and only getting higher. With PS3 install base numbers not looking all that rosy due to console cost and manufacturing problems, Konami is scared they can’t recoup their investment on only 1 platform alone.

It’s also a nice way to maybe blackmail Sony into giving Konami an incentive to keeping the game a PS3 exclusive, imo.

Whatever the case, I highly doubt it’s going to happen so quit building yourself a disappointing kiloton bombs"

so its possible... personally I think army of two looks better and thats definately multi-platform.

I expect sony will pay to keep it exclusive, they would be crazy not to.

BIadestarX4461d ago (Edited 4461d ago )

Actually, I prefer that Kojima does not allow MGS4 to go into the 360, since they would make lots of money if they do considering the 360 install base. I would prefer form them to "they can’t recoup their investment on only 1 platform alone". Not because I want Sony to fail; as matter of fact I don't think the PS3 will fail even if it does not have MGS4. But some of these developers believe that they have console manufacturers by the balls and that they control the success of any console, as even square indicated "We don't want the PlayStation 3 to be the overwhelming loser, so we want to support them. But we don't want them to be the overwhelming winner either, so we can't support them too much" that's an insult for Sony and Microsoft. I hope that other developers make better games and so they can't get back the return of investment. Only then they would know not manipulate gamers. Metal Gear and final fantasy should be multi-plaform since it has fans on all consoles, forcing gamers to buy the console that they want you to buy is wrong; These titles have been released on all consoles, they should keep it that way.

satanslilh3lp3r4461d ago

then halo 3 and GOW should be ported to the ps3 as well

BIadestarX4461d ago

Only if Mario or Metroid become multi-platform. Notice I did not mention any 1st party game from Sony. I would like to believe that Sony's future does not depend on 3rd party titles. Now do they? The titles you just mentioned are 1st party. There are original titles that sony has such as God of war that should stay first party. But something that you don't do is betray gamers by forcing them to chose a console when they have been loyal to the IP. How do you think gamers feel when they have to be jumping consoles everytime Konami or Square want more money and can care less about the gamers. Take Square for example, Final Fantasy was my favorite IP until they started releasing exclusive content fo all consoles, How many people can afford to buy all consoles and handhelds in order to play them all?
Also, it is sad how some of you see MSG and Final Fantasy as a first party game; and believe that Sony owes them and are guaranteed exclusive. Didn't you learn anything from GTA? Thats the problem with 3rd party developers, It is not good for sony to depend heavily on a 3rd party developer, in how much trouble do you think Sony would be if Konami and square do the samething they did to Nintendo when PSOne came out?

mephixto4461d ago

MGS will not fit in 9GB DVD and if get ported to the Xbox360 that's will cost a lot of time and money.

Evoluti0n4461d ago

Maybe you should read up on procedural synthesis before making idiotic comments.

original seed4461d ago

i can care less about MGS but if they want to pony over the next ICO or Shadow of the Colossus or even Katamari, i'll be happy with that

BIadestarX4461d ago

Actually, they wouldn't have to touch the game itself. Since what's taking so much space in these games are the CGI movies. All they would have to do is reduce the length of these movies, encode them using less space hungry technology, make these CGI using 720P intead of 1080P or even 480P. I highly dought people will go belly up if the game play is in HD but the CGI are not for the sake of releasing this game for the 360. Also, It interesting to see that Kojima himself says it can be done and you which obviously have no technical knowledge to prove the accuracy of your statements seem to believe you know more.

MissAubrey4461d ago

The textures on that game dont even come close to Perfect Darks so why wouldnt it fit when Oblivion takes up 6gigs??

mephixto4461d ago

Evolut0n: I know what is procedural synthesis but I think that you don't. Procedural synthesis is for the system memory not for a secundary memory like the Blue-Ray. Link about Procedural Synthesis

Bladestar: Kojima don't like to use CGI movies for his games if you play a Mgs game notice that maybe all the cutscenes and other stuff were made using the the game engine (All the MGS4 trailers were made using the game engine)

haloalldaylo: Oblivion is soooo repetitive is all grass, sand, rocks, walls but I enjoy playing it for the quest. MGS4 isn't finished yet and the textures could get an upgrade.

"Hideo Kojima claimed that the forthcoming PlayStation3 title is only made possible by the extra storage capacity of the Blu-ray disc."

"He also adds that if he were making a game for the Revolution or Xbox 360, he'd want to make something completely different from the Metal Gear Solid series -- an original title that fits in with the market for those systems"

xboxlj4461d ago

"Also, It interesting to see that Kojima himself says it can be done and you which obviously have no technical knowledge" -bladstar

My thoughts exactally. You really put him in his place.

mephixto4460d ago

Paul Cerula:
- The screenshots of of warhawk, genji, motorstorm, tekken are CGI their developers said that, so who is lying?
- The Tiger Woods screnshot was show in real time in E3 2005 or 2006 conferece. And it's a multiplataform game so the game is the same in PS3 and Xbox360.
- MGS4 screenshot was taken from the TGS 2005 demostration. Kojima himself move the camera angles and add effects to the game.
-Untold Legends: I never saw that screenshot before but in my opinion is CGI.

The only game trailer showed in E3 2005 with controversy is killzone because the developer said that was real time.

- The Xbox 360 screenshot are from differents games and none of the have another to compare. Totally biased.

xboxlj: Did you read the article y my second link - "Hideo Kojima claimed that the forthcoming PlayStation3 title is only made possible by the extra storage capacity of the Blu-ray disc."

xboxlj4460d ago

Yes I did read the article and that has been said many a times to support the PS3. However, being an Engineer and with experience in software design, any of the PS3 launch titles can be ported to the 360. The most difficult part would be making it compatible with the 360's processor, not the storage medium. There are many compression methods which can be used, if needed.

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specialguest4461d ago (Edited 4461d ago )

there's a bigger picture here and most probally didn't realized and it's not whether MGS4 is coming to the 360 or not. that bigger picture is the fact or hint that Konami believes in the 360 as a well established console with huge sales potentials. expect the next big Konami hit(whatever that is) to also be made on the 360 in the future too.

EnforcerOfTheTruth4461d ago

They already made a PC version of MGS1/2, so this series is by no means Sony exclusive.

original seed - ICO and Shadow of the Colossus are Sony's own games so you can surely forget that they will ever come to 360.

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