Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Access Restriction Details

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn had a successful re-launch on August 27, but a great MMORPG launch often brings a lot of problems. By looking at the hype from all over the net these problems were almost a sure thing. Even from the early access players were struggling to log-in and now a character creation restriction is taking place. So let’s see what happened.

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smegga1900d ago

There is no excuse for the lack of Servers.

SE knew what the pre-sales figures were, they must have known how many digital downloads had been paid for. They would also have known the geographic spread of the numbers.

In my estimation 80% of their client base is outside of Japan yet it is the Japanese that have the most servers online.
Last time i looked the EU servers numbered less than 6.

There is no excuse for a degraded system of game of access and they will lose many customers including me if it is not resolved soon.

DA_PRGamer1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

that its something i discussed with my friends and you are correct, plus they shouldve dont open beta from the beggining if they really wanted to stress test the servers!! Im enjoying the game but the logging issues are really annoying

Abriael1900d ago

Your estimation is laughable, and SE is already going to give free days to make up for the problems.

Whoever loses interest in what's undeniably a great game because of initial problems would jump on the next big thing anyway soon enough, so good riddance.

jimmywolf1900d ago

first impression mean more then you think, this is suppose too be FF14 2.0 fixing all that went wrong the fist time.

they have issues letting less then 2 million subs play? wow has 5 million + yes you could argue 5 years ago they suffer same issues, with less people.

but this not the first MMO too be released, nor should these issues keep happening every launch. learn from the past or this game will have a small cult following.

Apophiss20041900d ago

They must throw something better then some "free days" :)

Abriael1900d ago

@Apophiss2004: oh, and what do you want? them to come make coffee at your home?

You lost some gametime, and that's what you'll get back, in addition to a great game.

If that's not enough to you, wow's and its horrible community is that way.

The only big problem with FFXIV's relaunch is that it brought in a ton of wow kids that have no idea of what patience is.

mgeezy3131899d ago

Quit a game because of impatience? You can never fully expect how many people with just jump into the game. It could always end up so much more are much less than what you expect.

NioRide1900d ago

I was finally able to log on today and I enjoyed every bit of it.

I'll probably be jumping back on tomorrow.

maximus19851900d ago

Sorry for you guys, I haven't had any issues on typhoon. I even met a bunch of refugees who's servers worlds weren't open so they were visiting as a mob. I can see why it would be frustrating if you can't log in repeatedly.