Beautiful Fan Artwork of Lulu from Final Fantasy X

I put together this gallery of fanart revolving around Lulu, a native resident of Besaid and the party’s black mage. She wears almost all black with countless belts and hair accessories.

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ritsuka6661927d ago

Nice artwork ,bad character.

GreatGamePlay1927d ago

Says the guy who love flat chest character and use it as his avatar(whole picture here (nsfw) , http://images4.wikia.nocook... ) ,

to the a character who have the Biggest Breasts* in Final Fantasy Series to date.

*excluding Tifa

UltimateMaster1926d ago

Biggest Breast excluding Tifa... until FFXV arrives.

GeckoPutt1926d ago

Nice artwork, amazing character. I'm unsure about whether or not you mean that Lulu is terrible to play as, or her design is terrible. Either way, you are wrong. Her Magic stat is just ridiculously high and only comparable to Yuna later on, and her design is amazing - a Black Mage that fits into the world of Spira.

Mounce1926d ago

As GreatGamePlay said:

Said the guy who's into Loli and what clearly looks like underaged girls who by Japans logic is 'Not underaged' because 10 year old girls are infact 18+ in age in Japan.

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DivineAssault 1926d ago

who didnt like Lulu in FFX? She was one of the best characters to use! I cant wait til the HD version releases.. One of the best if turn based jrpgs ever made

jambola1922d ago

I love getting her stats up really high and seeing a tiny puppet deal 99999 damage