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Rayman Legends is a simple-to-follow story. Rayman, along with his best friend Globox and the Teensies have been under a slumber spell for about a century. During the the whole hundred year nap chaos has broken loose as Bubble Dreamer’s nightmares start to run rapid in his worlds. Being woken up by a helpful frog known as Murphy, Rayman and his crew is put back into action. From there on you fight through the 12 worlds that consist of 120 stages, along with 40 other unlockable remastered stages from Origins of Bubble Dreamer’s tent to rescue the other teensies and save the day. Not to hard to follow right?

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thomasmiller1901d ago

If this exact same game would have been released as a wii u exclusive, the scores would have been much lower, just look at wonderful 101 with ign, that game blows the hell out of ray man legends, the video game media is just so sad and pathetic just like sony and microsoft trolls, wait a minute, the video game media are Microsoft and sony trolls!!! now it all makes sense!! sure some of them will say the wii u version is better, but I wonder how many really mean it, just to keep from sounding too biased?? again sad and pathetic, oh well what ever helps the troll boys sleep at night!!

MrDeedz891901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

You're in over your head and sound more so butthurt that Wonderful 101 received lower scores than Rayman Legends. You know why that happened? Cause Wonderful 101 was a mess, and to think that game is better than Rayman Legends is ridiculous. Your whole comment honestly sounds like trolling and I have Rayman Legends, and this game is just as awesome as everyone is saying!