Gamecell UK: Teenage Zombies Review

Teenage Zombies plays well and the levels have some clever twists and turns – you'll constantly have to use all three Zombies' abilities to get to the end. The only gripe Gamecell UK have is that sometimes Lefty has to be fiddled into just the right position in order to grab a ledge, or made to run and grab it - a bit more leeway than 'pixel perfect' would have been appreciated in this area. Unlike some DS platformers you can also move the camera up and down a little to see what's just off screen – a very neat idea.

Some fun minigames break up the main platform action well, and the separate Big Brain Challenge is like an increasingly difficult, zombiefied version of Dr. Kawashima's brain training. There's a lot of speech in the game and the zombie background music suits the game well. If there isn't a cartoon series in the making then there should be, the quality of this game justifies it.

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