DirectX 10 and its features

On the graphics side, DirectX 10 has been reworked from the ground up: no aspect of the API was left untouched on the graphics side. The driver model has been completely reworked, under DX10 the driver is split into two parts: the user mode driver and the kernel mode driver. The kernel mode driver is kept distinct from the user mode driver to enhance stability. The idea here is to keep user mode drivers for Direct3D, OpenGL, and DirectX video playback (among others) isolated from the kernel driver for the operating system, so that one can't affect the other.

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HaHa4462d ago

has nothing to do with the 360. the mart style always lies.. i wonder how these kind of posts get approved???

TheMART4462d ago

Actually it has much to do with the 360, go read the article for once.

Different aspects with the unified structure etc. THe API control etc.

Too bad you never post only make non adding comments

BIadestarX4462d ago

You are just mad DirectX is not made by Sony. If you pay attention you will know that the directx version the 360 comes with is not DirectX 9. It is a custom version; which microsoft says it even have many of features direct x 10 has. Also, since microsoft will have a little technology called LiveANywhere and XNA, yeah... it has a lot to do with it.

2tired2day2hate4462d ago

that directx was going to be introduced to consoles at some point so it is relevant. if anybody knows more about this please share. besides, sony's and ms's profits and shares as a company and not as a console maker has nothing to do with gaming but they are always hot topics on this site and many other gaming sites. just cause themart shows alot of 360 love doesnt make the things he posts insignificant or biased. i'm not saying i agree with everything he says, but at least he's posting news that might interest people.

OutLaw4462d ago

I posted this already, but I decided to give the second page because the first page doesn't give info on the Directx 10

zypher4462d ago

DirectX10 on 360? eh. i would need a more official confirmation than this article to believe it. however, it would be cool if true. i would love to be able to check-out Crysis at home without having to substantially upgrade my PC.

big_tim4462d ago (Edited 4462d ago )

From the 3rd page of the article

"Because the Xbox 360’s Xenos GPU utilizes a unified shader architecture and ATI/Microsoft have been promoting unified so heavily in comparison to PlayStation 3’s RSX GPU which isn’t unified, it has generally been assumed that DirectX 10 also requires a unified shader architecture. However, it turns out that this is not the case. In fact, we’ve poured over numerous DirectX 10 documents and none of them even discuss a unified architecture!"

So given that the architecture of the chips do not have to be unified THEORETICALLY, the PS3 could run DX10. And of course it could be done on the 360, but this will never happen for both systems as the article states on the first page "DirectX 10: Windows Vista Only"

I was just throwing that out there. I am glad that Microsoft learned from the 360 and incorporated this in DX10. This should help out greatly in PC games. Now if only crytec would port crysis...

Thugbot1874462d ago (Edited 4462d ago )

The only way PS3 could run directX 10 is if they change the operating system they are running. DirectX is for windows not Linux. The PS3 is going to rely on the cell chip for anything the Nvida video card can’t handle. With this in mind I’m sure the PS3 has its own special API library, but then again it my not and programmers my have to go about development like the dark days before OpenGL and DirectX. Which would mean longer development time for game development and it would also make it harder to port from other consoles to the PS3.

TheMART4462d ago

Although DX10 is not restricted to unified GPU's, it is actually MS that owns it. And I bet eating my shoe over it that they'll never let it come to it's main competitors console.

So it could be possible, but it never will. And in that light, the 360 has a everything to get for example Crysis easy. Crysis also id DX9 with some DX10 effects. With the PS3 it would be a more difficult task to port

dantesparda4461d ago (Edited 4461d ago )

You ever hear of a thing called OpenGL? Well thats what it uses.

Thugbot1874461d ago

If i recall openGL out of date big time... There are a lot of features openGL doesn't support.

dantesparda4461d ago (Edited 4461d ago )

You ever hear of a thing called OpenGL 2.0? look it up, then tell me its dated. And P.S. if you really think that DX10 is really a big quantum leap over DX9c then you better start reading up on DirectX. The jump from DX8 to DX9 is a bigger jump than the jump from DX9 to DX10. Hm, btw, you should tell John Carmack that OpenGL is inferior to DX, cuz its all he uses, and he is after all seen as the best, if not one of the best programmers in the world. The other guy that is up there, would be Tim Sweeney (oh you know, the guy that developed the engine that is running a little known game, call Gears of War.)
"A more substantive and modern performance difference arises because of the structure of the hardware drivers provided by hardware developers. Under DirectX, IHV drivers are kernel-mode drivers installed into the operating system. The user-mode portion of the API is handled by the DirectX runtime provided by Microsoft. Under OpenGL however, the IHV driver is broken into two parts: a user-mode portion that implements the OpenGL API, and a kernel-mode driver that is called by the user-mode portion."
Hm, isnt that funny? isnt that one of the big new features of DX10? already been done on the "outdated" OpenGL?
And just so that you know the way it works is that usuallly with DX (which is the bigger of the two, because Windows is by far the most widely used OS in the world), developers often wait for MS to implement a feature into DX before they will start using them in games. Whereas with OpenGL, you can just write the feature and it will usually have the hardware do it, for example, Nvidia's "Ultra Shadow" (which was one of the features in Doom 3 that made it so graphically good for its time) couldnt be done through DX, because the feature wasnt in the DX API set, whereas you could do it through OpenGL. Also DX is a MS exclusive so it only works on MS products whereas OpenGL can be used on any hardware. DX is more standardized because it is only made by one vendor (MS) whereas OpenGL API's are supplied through drivers and thus can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. I could go on and on, but really I dont wanna type so much

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