Ouya funding controversy turns nasty

Gridiron Thunder developer is now threatening to sue one of the backers for raising questions.

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porkChop1874d ago

How can you sue someone for exposing the truth? How is that even possible? How can you sue someone because they uncovered your scam, it just doesn't make sense.

MariaHelFutura1874d ago

If I've learned anything here on N4G, it's the truth pisses people off.... alot.

cleft51874d ago

Unless he has proof of the scam than it is slander. If he does have proof there is nothing for him to worry about. Quite frankly, I am not against this at all.

People need to be held accountable for the things they say and do over the internet. I am sicking and tired of people posting harassing comments on the internet like they have every right to slander someone they don't even know.

With that said, if this "Tyler" person isn't just lying than he will be fine so long as he can back up his claims. But if he was just making up some crap to slander this company for whatever reason than he is getting what he deserves. No one on the internet is truly anonymous, I hope this serves as a wake up call for people.

General Shrooms1874d ago

Nothing this Tyler said was untrue, he merely stated facts that supported the idea that this kickstarter campaign COULD be a scam.

Abriael1874d ago

Actually it would be libel. Slander is spoken.

yellowgerbil1874d ago

I don't claim to know law, but first it's libel as others said.
secondly to be guilty of it you have to KNOW that it is untrue, so each of us could go there and based on the hersay state the exact same comment and be free of any legal wrongdoing, but I would say based on the unlikelyness of the funds raised being legit that it is probably true.

porkChop1874d ago

What does any of that have to do with what actually happened? This guy told the truth, he hasn't lied about anything nor does he even have a reason to.

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RytGear1874d ago

I'm sure that Edward Snowden would feel the same.

3-4-51874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

This just make OUYA look even worse.

Going after some random person who is voicing his opinion.

So on the NEWS when they MAKE STUFF UP, we can sue them for it, for lying to us on air ?

Also, If Everybody on the internet, copies and then states the same thing he said, they would have to go after everyone.

If you got 5 million people via the internet to all say the same thing tomorrow, it would be beyond overwhelming for them and they COULD NOT sue 5 million people.

They also couldn't go after just one person, because then why only that one person and not everyone else.

Lawsuit would get thrown out in a second.

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Abriael1874d ago

For someone running with such an impeccable lawyer, they don't even know the difference between "slander" and "libel".

iamnsuperman1874d ago

They are like dictators who go to war to distract the people from the devastating economic/health.... problems at home

Does this mean I am going to be sued by Ouya for "slander". Bring it on

AusRogo1874d ago

Oh go f**k yourself.. how greedy and cut up do you want to be?

Drithe1874d ago

I have AN OUYA. I am playing Dragon Warrior 1,2,3, and 5 for it because of the emulators. Once you figure everything out, it is a great little piece of hardware to have.

They have a ps1 emulater on it. I will play Suikoden 2 on it someday.

I do hope they put more android games on it. One thing though, you have to have a credit card to use it on THE FIRST DAY! I don't know if you have to have it online to play, I haven't tried to do it.

But the retro section rules.

juhis8151874d ago

This is just mind-blowing to know that Tyler had to raise the voice about Kickstarter project being a scam, and now he's being sued for stepping away from comfort zone?!

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