Gears of War action figures boxed, grumpy-looking

The long-awaited (but never viewed) first salvo of Gears of War action figures should be landing in your neighborhood, Hot Topics, and comic book shops in the next few weeks -- as a special teaser, manufacturer NECA released a plethora of images of the four burly, sailor-mouthed characters.

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Jinxstar3842d ago

Awe damn they look grumpy. I was hoping for Chipper and enthusiastic....

GiantEnemyCrab3842d ago

I think I might have to pick me up a few of those as gifts.

Nothing like a chainsaw bayonet to liven up any birthday or christmas event.

Ri0tSquad3842d ago

Could of done a better job on Marcus and Cole though.

Yi-Long3842d ago

... Barbie and Skipper are gonna need some lotion once these guys come out...

Fallen_Angel3842d ago

so I guess they must like taking a ride on the cole train then

socomnick3842d ago

I hope they come out with a berserker action figure. To me berserkers are the coolest monsters in any video game I have ever played.

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The story is too old to be commented.