Cosmic Star Heroine coming to PlayStation 4, PS Vita

Cosmic Star Heroine, the next game from Cthulhu Saves the World developer Zeboyd Games, will launch for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in 2014, the two-man developer announced during a Sony event at PAX Prime in Seattle tonight.

The game is a retro sci-fi RPG inspired by Chrono Trigger (visual style, on-map battles, combo techniques), Phantasy Star (overall feel of the worlds and characters), and Suikoden (political intrigue, expandable player headquarters), lead designer Robert Boyd said on the PlayStation Blog.

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sherimae24131901d ago

haha more SONY news!!! chrono trigger, phantasy star and suikoden inspired?!!

SOLD!!! ^_^

porkChop1901d ago

That right there just sold me on this game. We definitely need more games like this.

ZodTheRipper1900d ago

We need more RPG's in general, this gen was kinda meh in that department if you compare it to previous ones.

GribbleGrunger1900d ago

I agree. It's just unbelievable how this barrage of PS4/Vita games never seems to stop. It's almost TOO much to take in.

Quicktopick1900d ago

Sony: U want games? will give u games alright

game overload!!!

3-4-51900d ago

Yea this game looks like it has a lot of potential.

MariaHelFutura1901d ago

The PS4 gets a new game everyday.

NateCole1900d ago

The combination of making the PS4 developer friendly. Having Sony world wide studios help developers and focusing on every type of devs plus cheaper price and higher preorders has helped

Sony legitimizing indie gaming has given small and medium size devs a real shot of being successful and having their games published is really bearing fruit.

This is the beauty and the brilliance of Sony highlighting indie devs. It's gave every type of devs no matter how big or small the confidence in Sony.

I believe we are only just starting to see the tip of the iceberg.

NeutralXP1900d ago

New you mean rehashed LOL

Enemy1901d ago

The PS4 already has more games than Xbox 360 had in this whole generation.

WeAreLegion1901d ago

I know it's a joke, but can someone run the numbers? It has to be close...

HeyImBen11901d ago

In 2010-2013 Xbox 360 had 12 retailexclusives, but i don't know about the Indiegames :).

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The story is too old to be commented.