Why Nintendo Will Be Just Fine

Nintendo makes game’s that put fun and interesting gameplay ideas front and center over game graphics and system horsepower.

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MariaHelFutura1874d ago

Nintendo will be fine, they have super well known 1st party/exclusive characters and games that carry them through constantly. Worse comes to worse, they stop making consoles and focus more on handhelds. I just want them to stop staying a gen behind w/ the specs of their hardware and go all out.

jubilijordan1874d ago

problem is even when they do go "all out" (n64 and gamecube) they still DONT go all out. They almost always lack features. The Super Nes was the only time they made a perfectly balanced machine.

iamnsuperman1874d ago

That is because they don't exactly have the money to risk going "all out". Being just a gaming company means they can only do so much. There is no other products bringing up the company or other products testing the market that can be brought across. Nintendo can only do so much

RicardJulianti1874d ago

I mean...they COULD make the most powerful system ever....2 i7-3930k's and the equivalent of 3 7990's....but it would never sell for a profit.

They can do it, but they are smart enough not to.

Africa-Garvey1874d ago

All you three (3) above are wrong.

@maria : Wii U is next gen.
3x > ps3

@jordan : everybody already had alternative to what u think is lacking in Nintendo's Console

@superman : money or risk is not the problem

The fact is that they thought they have their own demographics

Korde111874d ago

They pretty much do! wait until after the holiiday season. There is going to be a huge jump in sales and again after spring games.

thomasmiller1874d ago

Yes much to the dismay of sony and microsoft trolls, Nintendo will be fine, no matter how hard they whine and cry, nintendo is going to make it with the wii u!!

jubilijordan1873d ago

Nintendo does have more than enough money do go all out on a console its just they dont see the need to. If the additional features dont directly influence gameplay then Nintendo doesnt seem to think they are important. Dvd/Blu ray movie players as example. I was talking about them sticking with cartridge and low ram for the N64 and using a 1.5 gig custom mini dvd for gamecube. Things would have been alot different if they had a standard storage medium with those two consoles.