Ask the Experts: Console vs. PC Development

Jill Duffy of writes:

"As an independent game developer, there's nothing to stop you from releasing a game on PC or console or both -- except money. The cost of development for PC is generally lower than developing a game for console. When I say "cost," I mean money, time, human resources, and technological resources. To make a marketable game for modern consoles just generally costs more than one for PC. And there seem to be more tenable niche markets among PC game players than among console players, making it easier to access those markets and produce a profitable game.

There was a panel discussion at the Game Career Seminar (held at the 2008 Game Developers Conference in February in San Francisco) that answered many of the questions you're asking, Dreamer. On the panel were three indie game-makers: one has been successful, one is struggling to finish a game and find a publisher for it, and one used to work for an indie company that has since gone under. Let me tell you a little about each of them".

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