Killzone: Shadow Fall PAX Prime Gameplay Footage

Gareth at Skewed and Reviewed has posted video of their hands on time with the latest Killzone game during their press time at the Sony booth during PAX Prime 2013.

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Majin-vegeta1876d ago

Looks so good can Nov 15 hurry up already?

You can hella tell no aim assist in the game.Thank you GG

How does the game handle guys?

fpshooter21876d ago

Yeah i love KZ no auto aim here baby!

This game is absolutely beautiful. I cant wait to get my hands on it day one. Creating multiplayer matches is gonna be so sick. I am so ready for helghast head popping.

Enemy1876d ago

I've played COD gamers on Killzone 2/3 and they're always the worst players in the game. Lol @ what auto aim did to them. I do wonder if they think there's auto aim in real life.

s8anicslayer1876d ago

Auto aim can be turned off, But KZ does look good.

XB1_PS41876d ago

Auto aim is what made casual fps players just that, casual fps players. That's why I'll always say Battlefield's harder. You don't know what you're up against until you don't have that giant helper on your thumb. Then they proceed to get raped real, real, real hard.

christrules00411876d ago

Yeah forsure. I'm curious how high the sensitivity is that this guy was playing at. I always turn it all the way up and turn the aim assist off and it is hilarious when people call me a "hacker" because I am used to it and they depend on the assistance which doesn't always work.

At least GTA V is coming out to entertain us till November 5th though. =)

Enemy1876d ago

The realistic feel of Killzone keeps aim assist from working the way it does in COD. In COD, it's like you're handling a weightless plastic, so auto aim is an instant arcade feel. COD players try to drop in and dominate with that sh*t but it never works.

I'm so used to Killzone's controls that every other MP FPS on consoles feels weird to me.

ABeastNamedTariq1876d ago

I do the same thing for just about every game, MP or not (turning the sensitivity all the way up), lol.

christrules00411876d ago

Yeah I know what you mean. Each game has a different feel to it. Especially when something as fundamental like turning while running has a huge impact on the game.

Yeah it is awesome having the sensitivity all the way up. It was in a clan until the clan leader got power hungry and kicked everyone out. But during that time he was accusing a person of "being a hacker" when he doesn't. It was because the clan leader plays at 11 when the other guy played at 14.

The quicker the better. But without aim assist practicing those extremely small movements is more important then turning really quickly. Otherwise one second you will be aiming at one side of the guy and then people move it too quickly so it ends up aiming at the other side of the guy.

It's just a matter of practice.

Salooh1876d ago

I always play with the original sensitivity . Auto aim always off if i can :D . It makes me better player but it's more challenging.

DragonPs41876d ago

Killzone Shadow fall will not have auto aim in the multiplayer which is amazing.

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Boody-Bandit1876d ago

Wow it does look incredible.
Just 11 more weeks. Gotta start thinking in weeks. It will go by faster that way, hopefully.

Garethvk1876d ago

It plays fast, smooth, and brutal you have to shoot fast, first, and often.

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Xsilver1876d ago

may the shadow fall, still want a campaign where i play as the helghast

ABeastNamedTariq1876d ago

Even off-screen it looks friggin great.

Imonaboat11876d ago

This is the real next gen

Bigpappy1876d ago

Not with that this gen gameplay it is not. Does look very colorful though.

Majin-vegeta1876d ago

1080 @60FPS That's next gen.

CGI-Quality1876d ago

It's a first person shooter. What more did you expect?

ABeastNamedTariq1876d ago

So....what's next gen gameplay? Just curious.

I mean, it's MP, on a FPS, in the beginning of the generation. Were you expecting the wheel to be reinvented?

Enemy1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Define next gen gameplay.

TitanFall? (because TitanFall invented the double jump, jetpacks, and the color brown?)

I do love Battlefield though, as much as I love Killzone.

starchild1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )


Reports out of PAX Prime say that the game doesn't stick to 60fps.

"I'll get the big one out of the way: the framerate is highly variable right now. I'd estimate the range was 20 to 60 depending on where in the map I was and what kind of action was happening. Most of the time it seemed to stay at 30. There's severe aliasing issues and horrible dithering on all foliage."

I'm sure it will improve by launch though.

pyramidshead1875d ago

lol @ he's not replied to any of you above ^

Troll spotted.

Bigpappy1875d ago

Yes. I would call Titan Falls and Destiny next gen gameplay. Battle field also has enough varied gameplay. Setting a few props to hide behind has already been played to death

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fpshooter21876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )


So you expected the entire genre to change because it a new gen. Its a FPS. The weapons look awesome the graphics are top notch the multiplayer is insanely in depth and its running at 60fps. Looks like next gen to me.

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