Madden NFL 25 Review (NGN)

New Game Network: "Love it or hate it, after 25 years, Madden fans know exactly what they are going to get"

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Is all the same...last madden i got was 2004

Big_Mex1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

The only reason I picked it up was to get the Sunday NFL Ticket it came with in the $100 edition. Sunday ticket alone usually sells for $300 and you have to have Directv so it was a good deal for me. Got my computer hooked up to living room TV and can stream any game! However, yes it is still the same Madden that has been around for some time now...animations/graphics look a little better though but that's about it.

solid_snake36561963d ago

I wish one day that Sony could make an exclusive NFL game for the PS4.

Cueil1963d ago

not sure if soft in head of serious >_>

DEEBO1963d ago

back in the ps1 days sony made a football game.gameday was the name of it.i like it more then madden too but sadly it came to a end.but this has to be the best madden yet with 2014. i don't know about the features but the gameplay is really on point.i can't wait to see the next generation madden but this will do until then.