GameInformer- TMNT: Out of the Shadows Review – A Miserable Train Wreck

GI:TMNT: Out of the Sewers is terrible, and offers nothing as a video game or even as a piece of nostalgia. The ugly turtle models didn’t bring back any memories of the fun cartoon of my youth, and the gameplay is among the most unenjoyable experiences I’ve had during my time as a gamer. There is no circumstance under which anyone should play this train wreck of a game.

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I know i will get a load of disagrees on this but it doesn't matter because i feel exactly like this reviewer did. this game disappointed me and I am happy to see that it wasn't just me. there, i said it.

Elvfam5111901d ago

Didn't like the demo at all. Couldn't pick the character I wanted to play with which was Donnie

eclectified1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

when they tell you to pick raph, you can pick whoever. Donnie plays too slow for my taste. demo was entertaining to me.

edit: just read the review. guess I'll wait for an update or see how the other tmnt game does later this year. I do wonder if the PC/steam version will get mods.

Elvfam5111901d ago

I know that but like turtles in time you pick you favorite character since the beginning not wait in till a point where you can.

GreenRanger1901d ago

Out of the shadows and into the bargain bin.

Heisenburger1901d ago

So Tommy, you making that PG-13 Green Ranger movie or what?

cyguration1901d ago

He's gotta stop beating up bums in MMA first.

Fergusonxplainsall1901d ago

I would pay good money for a Green Ranger movie..

He comes back evil to destroy all power rangers(new and old) and then helps them at the end to fight "??????" off the galaxies.. With his updated dragonzord mixed with everyzord. It's the end of all as they knew its.

Book it.

Sithlord-Gamble1901d ago

This is disappointing considering my son has been BEGGING for me to buy this once it releases on PSN.
How am I going to explain this to a 6yr old ...
He doesn't care about gameplay, all he sees is Ninja Turtles.
And I'm the one whos going to have to suffer thru a horrible game just to make him happy.

The things we do as parents for our children.

ironfist921901d ago

OUch...just wait till the new movie comes out :/

VersaVulture891901d ago

It's not a 2/10 game. It's not an 8/10 game. It's more around 6.5/10. Sure, the camera can get annoying and there are some glitches here and there, but the combat is actually pretty fluid and each turtle plays differently.

Plus, the skill trees add diversity to the game. There's also a classic mode that feels like the arcade games, a challenge mode and a survival mode. I've been a turtle fan since I was a child. While it's not the Turtles game I would have wanted, it's also not a horrible game.

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The story is too old to be commented.