Don't Count the PS Vita Out

Zack at Gamer Thoughts thinks even with the new inexpensive 2DS coming out, the PS Vita still has a chance of success.

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TomShoe1928d ago

The Vita will be fine.

I'm not sure how well the 2DS will sell because it's still butt-ugly and not portable.

As long as the Vita keeps it's game support going, the sales will start flowing in.

PSNintyGamer1928d ago

2DS will sell just fine. After all, it is launching alongside Pokemon X and Y

Rockets121927d ago

Hooray, time for like the 20th game in the series.

Pillsbury11927d ago

You do realize Nintendo has been dominating handhelds since the gameboy was first created? Don't ever count Nintendos handhelds out.

Vita is going to do great with the price drop, killzone and new and innovative indie titles coming to it. I love my vita and have been playing it a lot with the killzone mercenaries beta.

fpshooter21928d ago

I really do believe that the Vita will increase closer to the ps4 launch. Not only because of remote play but also because Sony is planning some top notch titles for it.

Now that my ps4 is payed off im planing on picking one up. With the price drop and ps4 coming soon the time is now to get my vita.

chestnut11221927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

With the 2DS, It just confirms that 3DS's 3d is a gimmick.
With the Vita and PS4 Doing Remote play much Better than the Wii U, It also confirms, Wii U is not a next gen.
Nintendo - Full of gimmicks.
It is pretty much understandable that in handheld market Kids will prefer Games like Zelda,Mario and Pokemon.

Whatever Reason it is, 2ds is just another model of 3ds.
(No 3d and Fugly and Looks like an Ipad. It ain't foldable too, small screen which is why it sucks -_-.)

While The Vita (HD- Gorgeous Oled Screen).
(Most Beautiful and Most Advanced Handheld Machine).
will kick some ass with this Price cut, It is the ultimate Handheld machine after all where I can do it all.
Lately It's Line up of games look Promising more than the 3ds IMO.

Aside from my Most Anticipated Games like Killzone Mercenary, Tear Away,Final Fantasy 10 and 10-2 HD and YS, A lot of JRPG's are making it's way to the Vita this 2014.
Borderlands 2 also is a must.

The future really looks Bright for PS Vita.

To 3ds Fanboys,
As if We care with Your Pokemon LOL!. Only Improvements are the graphics and same old boring gameplay, Cmon We are not Kids anymore -_-.

Even the PSP can manage what the 3ds is offering.

Killzone Mercenary Looks a Million times better than that.
(Story Wise and Gameplay Wise ).

dredgewalker1927d ago

I'm actually looking forward to both Killzone Mercenary and Pokemon X and Y. There's more than enough space for 2 portables in the market. Both cater to different types of people so they can peacefully co-exist.

Otoshigamisama1927d ago

I agree with you the vita's future is bright and will get brighter I own one and I love it :) I'm using it more than my 3DS yes I own a 3ds but I love both console no hate in that, no Fantardism involved that is what being a gamer is all about :)

DejectedJeff1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

i have a feeling you like sony a lot
not sure why
anyway both systems, wii u and ps4, 3ds and vita are good.

fonger081926d ago

Oh dear god...
Ok first Sony pushed 3D... hard and failed, in fact 3D as a whole has failed. So to say Nintendo just uses gimmicks is simply not true.
Secondly, if you want to convince me that Zelda, Mario, and Pokemon are kiddie games then turn and say Tearaway isn't, you are mistaken.
I want a Vita, but there is simply no way it will outsell the 3DS 2DS or whatever the hell Nintendo puts out as portable.

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dcj05241927d ago

Why would I? Never understood how people thought it was dead in the first place. It's dead when you stop seeing it on store shelves and can't buy it new.

dredgewalker1927d ago

Only the fanboys want the Vita dead. It's sad that some people have to spread fud in order to discredit what the Vita has to offer.

Otoshigamisama1927d ago

exactly!! I don't understand people who declare "the vita is dead" either they are fantards who cannot accept the reality that the vita has potential or just plain ignorant people I mean Psvita is the handheld console we dreamed of ever since gameboy so why bash it?SMH (-_-)

fight4love1927d ago

Crap article. The 2ds will outsell the vita this holiday. Parents don't care about unique experiences. They want something cheap for their kids. Seeing Mario and the others will only confirm their choice.

PrimeGrime1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

I don't believe that.. Why, you ask? cause I know a ton of moms, although sure it is aimed at kids most parents buying their kids that young stuff like that aren't even willing to spend $120 dollars on a handheld.

If anything they will just buy a used system like the DS and keep it really cheap, most parents aren't completely stupid either. 3DS games are not necessarily that cheap either. They know they have to buy games and that will also be a huge determining factor in what a parent buys their little kids is the price of those games as well.

When kids are that young, they aren't going by the latest and greatest trends or even really need the newest hardware available.

So I strongly believe otherwise, not saying it is a promise the Vita will sell much better during the holidays but the 2DS is not going to sell like people think it will for that very reason I stated above. The Wii mini is a perfect example of that.

Parents buying kids that young expensive electronic devices aren't going to spend $120 on something that is new, that they will no doubt just break anyway down the line. Kids already break the 3DS without a problem and that has a shell design to protect most of it. As said parents buying their kids something like this that young, usually know they can get away with buying a used device for much cheaper that they will be just as happy to play with.

This thing won't last long given it has no protection really.

Which is kind of weird. At the same time its built for children in mind but because it has no shell, it somewhat defeats the purpose as children are known for breaking screens. So it doesn't make it any better built than a 3DS would be for kids in my opinon.

dcj05241927d ago

Saw a used PSP 3000 for $60 at a gamestop. Used DS must be cheaper

Hicken1927d ago

You might be right, except for the gigantic size, and the trend-following that kids do. If they think it's ugly, if their friends already have a 3DS, guess what they're gonna push their parents to get?

dredgewalker1927d ago

You might have a point with that. I was actually deciding if I should get a vita or a 3ds for my daughter for christmas. I let her try out both of my portables and it seems she likes the 3DS more. I then showed her the 2ds pictures and the only thing she didn't like about it was that it couldn't be folded like her dsi. She actually didn't find the 2ds ugly. I was hoping she would choose the vita since I can share my games with her. Anyways looks like I'll be out hunting for a pink 3ds.......she actually plans on putting One Direction stickers on it.....ughh kids these days....

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