Next Week on the EU PSN: September 4th, 2013 – Killzone: Mercenary, Diablo III, Hatsune Miku

While those of us in North America have to wait until September 10th, European gamers get the chance to play Killzone: Mercenary starting next week. As well, Hatsune Miku comes to Europe, after suffering a slight delay. - PSLS

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GuruStarr781879d ago

Damn... I'm really jealous.. I've been playing the beta so much, my right thumb is arthritic... no lie... can't wait to see the rest of the game..

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1878d ago

I had to delete the beta so I wouldn't get burned out on it when the game actually released lol. It's happened to me before :(.

Can't wait for this game.

GuruStarr781878d ago

I applaud your willpower... I should do the same but I..just...can't!

Sucks because I'm almost a major and I'm going to lose everything when the actual game releases.

Godlovesgamers1878d ago

Is you beta progress static with your profile once you get the full game? Just curious.

HakatoX1879d ago

kinda screws fairness on world leaderboards.

admiralvic1879d ago

Not really... While it sucks one region might get it ahead of others and another region might get it last. These scores tend to even out in the long term or even a month later. Like the amount you play has infinitely more impact than simply playing it first. If you don't believe me, then check out trophy leaderboards. Maybe 1 out of every 50 (probably even higher...) a reviewer will platinum it before anyone else has a chance. Even then, your skill will have as much impact as the time you play, since a better person can do more with less and vice versa.

Anyway, there is no way to have a "fair" leaderboard unless it's for something fixed (like beating a level) or it gets reset weekly without high level people having perks (Killzone 2 for instance gave additional points with certain medals for doing certain things). No matter how you look at it, there is going to be someone that this is "unfair" to.

Regions that get it later.
People who don't buy it on release.
People who have a life.
People who got the preorder DLC.
People who abuse XP boosts.

GuruStarr781878d ago

interesting and good theory, BTW I wonder how difficult it will be to platinum this game?

admiralvic1878d ago

@ JQM78

Killzone 1 / 3/ 3 MP were easy platinums and 2 was only hard due to elite mode (the top 1% or whatever trophy was always doable, just required an unknown amount of time). So historically speaking, it should be an easy platinum.

HakatoX1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

nice hypothesis, but you should look at the current leaderboards on the beta.
you will notice it will take other regions a while to catch up and then the older top slots keep playing and furthering the gap. if top 5 are UK (alltime) US will not get a chance to be top and visa versa.

but I am good with the weekly leaderboards

either way its a great game and cant wait to pick up my copy.

SqueezedWeazel1879d ago

I cant believe how much I play this beta... same level over and over...and I love it!!!

mafiahajeri1879d ago

What level is that? I was in the closed beta an there was 2 what changed?

souljah451878d ago

We only got 1 map. I think it was the 1st group of people who the got beta have access to the 2nd map

HakatoX1878d ago

after closed beta they took a map away.
no one has the other map. if so please share how to access it.

GdaTyler1879d ago

And then the next week Killzone: Mercenary on US PSN. Can't wait!

Clover9041879d ago

You guys get Killzone Mercenary a week early... Gahh, lucky Europeans! I'll be getting my revenge on the 10th :)

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