Student Postmortem: Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab's AudiOdyssey

Dominic Chai and Eitan Glinert write: "AudiOdyssey, from the Singapore-MIT Gambit Game Lab, is a research-based game that explores the notion of who can play games. It's designed for a mainstream audience, yet it is completely accessible to the visually impaired. That is to say, a blind person can play AudiOdyssey just as well as a sighted person. Moreover, the game has been designed in such a way that (in theory) both the blind and the sighted person could play the game with the same level of difficulty, frustration, and learning curve.

We chose this research goal because we wanted to see if we could make a game that would bring blind gamers into the same realm as the mainstream. Several visually impaired accessible games already exist, however almost all of them are inaccessible to sighted players, either due to lack of graphics or awkward controls. Furthermore, most visually impaired gamers themselves want to play the same games that all their sighted friends play. Thus, we felt it would be worthwhile to make a game directed at mainstream, but that had an accessible theme".

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