News: Guitar Hero II get new Hertzian controller

Guitar Hero are a game what is notable especially by one thing; the very separate and unique controller. Save Octane for the first from the serial on the Playstation 2 already more earlier such controller has provided, but Guitar Hero 2 for the Xbox 360 get a new and improved jet ear.

Beside the fact that one found it, however, once nice to have controller in the form of a jet ear, there were also complaints of gamers which played Guitar Hero. They had, as it happens, charge of the cable which had be still connected on the console. That care there will not be at Guitar Hero 2, because the controller will become Hertzian.

We have earlier already seen pictures of the new jet ear and it is expected such as it a model of the jet ear mark Gibson has become. The game has been considerably sponsored thus by the mark and the type of jet ear that for the controller has been as an example taken, X-plorer are. Below you can see still a blade of the jet ear.

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HaHa4468d ago

this game is not just for the 360 but also for the PS2. try to remember that when posting, ok??

TheMART4468d ago

Can you READ? It's about the wireless guitar, that's stated in this article to come out for

Go cry somewhere else

fitzgerald694467d ago

This must be a foreigner, because none of the text makes sense at all. ?????