Dragon's Crown Review | Quarter to Three

Tom Chick: "Dragon’s Crown’s unique beauty goes a long way. But it doesn’t go quite long enough."

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Grimhammer001901d ago

Platted it in 174hrs! Yes's that good and it is beautiful. Loved it.

GuruStarr781901d ago

Congrats... I just platted Soul Sacrifice, myself... having a hard time getting into Dragon's crown, though... Just unlocked the multiplayer.. hopefully it will grow on me.

Yi-Long1901d ago

Would really like to buy and play this games, as it looks awesome...

.... but in their infinite wisdom(!), they've decided to exclude the option for the original language...

... so I won't.

Let's hope the PS4 will get a version that WILL have that option.

spok221901d ago

There's a dlc that you can download that gives you the option to change the dialogue to japanese, if that's what your talking about.

Yi-Long1900d ago

That's just your character's voice. Not the announcer and such. Everybody else's voice stays in English.