SARPBC 2 Announced

Hottest car football game on PSN has received a sequel for the PC as an alpha. Eventually planned for a console release this is a game to look out for!

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coolcole931878d ago

Been waiting 5 years for this!

Gamingcapacity1878d ago

I must admit I got this for free on PS Plus and was instantly hooked.

It was surprisingly a great game and I will be buying the second one... not sure if they can beat the original theme tune though lol.

Welshy1878d ago

YES! SARPBC is one of my favourite games this gen, spent around £8 3 years ago and still play it almost every week to this day.

Come on Psyonix, bring this to PS4 ASAP pleassssse =D

Pureslayer1878d ago

Excellent, cant wait to play it!

the_eddster1878d ago

Day 1 buy everyday of the week!

sfex3best1878d ago

What!!!!! I'm disappointed in you eddster
I've already Pre ordered.

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The story is too old to be commented.