FuturLab: "Sony is Helping the Medium to Mature"

The Velocity developer believes in Sony, because Sony believes in games.

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user74029311928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

i want a casket with kaz's face on it and a sony logo.

but anyways i believe in this quote, its evident with all the exclusive teams.

duckmysick1928d ago

? I don't get it.. You want Sony dead? Or you want to be buried in said casket? I'm hoping for the latter, cause regardless of what anyone's bias is, I can't imagine this industry without PlayStation.

You see what the other 2 are up too... "One" company wants to screw us over and turn video games into a service, and the other one... If they had it their way, we would be jumping on mushrooms and eating lollipops n shit all day.

And while I do respect and love all three companies... I can't imagine no PlayStation :/

miyamoto1927d ago

well said

Sony since 1994, tried and tried to take a way the stigma that video games are young kids play things and really saw the future of both young and mature or adult entertainment and has been steadily pushing video games to perfection as their legacy and contribution to the world of entertainment.

Sony PlayStation legitimized video games as a form of adult entertainment since 1994. and every gamer or game developer is sharing the fruits of Sony's labor of love.

Enemy1928d ago

First time hearing about this game. Who are these guys?

sincitysir11928d ago

They make minis and they made velocity ultra I believe

Ultr1928d ago

Velocity is awesome
Next year they will release Velocity V2 gonna be great
you should play it, its fun and has one of the greatest soundtrack ever :) (joris de man (killzone))

Enemy1927d ago

Well, just youtubed some gameplay and it looks addictive as hell. I don't understand, though.

The story screenshot of the dude running, is that gameplay or a cutscene? I thought this was a shoot'em up.

FuturLab1926d ago


Velocity 2X is a platformer and shoot 'em-up in one adventure: :)

James @FuturLab

Enemy1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

Holy crap I was just responded to by FuturLab! This clears up a lot of things for me.

Seeing the character art up close now and whoa she's cute.

This game covers two genres I absolute love and I just subscribed to the official website.

Edit: Also, the music in the teasers sounds freaking amazing. Is it from the game? You have my full support the moment this launches on PS4 and Vita.

FuturLab1924d ago

Yes, the music in the teaser trailer(s) is from the game.

Loads more where that came from, it's by Joris de Man of Killzone (1,2,3) soundtrack :)

Thanks for subscribing to the site!

James @FuturLab

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nevin11928d ago

Didn't they do that with PS1?

ginsunuva1927d ago

And forever on.

While other companies stand there and reproduce arcadey immature games that are "guaranteed" to sell according to their charts and number things.

RedHawkX1928d ago

yep thats why i always support the playstation brand. you can see that gaming will never be to the level of movies, music and tv unless we support sony. they are legitmizing gaming.

Destrania1928d ago

Sony and PS4: for gamers and developers, by gamers and developers.

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