Tons of Holiday 2013 PS3 Releases Going up for Pre-Order on the PS Store This Tuesday, With Bonuses

Taking a lot of guessing out of the way, Sony has announced that a whole bunch of upcoming PlayStation 3 titles will be going up for pre-order starting this Tuesday, September 3rd. - PSLS

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SpitFireAce851927d ago

If they want me to go digital they need better incentives then free thems.
Maybe have the game be $10 to $15 cheaper then disc version.

bilzdabest1927d ago

Why don't big brands realise technology will never replicate going to the shops AND BUYING THE THING.

InTheZoneAC1927d ago

already preordered gta v on the store...

if you have more than 1 person playing then digital is the way to go since you can put it on multiple consoles.

bilzdabest1927d ago

Yh but thats against

bilzdabest1926d ago

yes it is against term and conditions.
Gamesharing Is illegal.
I once game shared then my account got hacked.
So I emailed them to help.
And they said they will only help once out of kindness as it is against there policy. Gooogle search it mate.