Exclusive: Exploring The Mysterious Cities of Gold With Fleur Marty

"That Kickstarter campaign is now up and running and Ynnis Interactive is aiming to bring in $30,000 to make the dream a reality. Should it hit that goal Mysterious Cities of Gold: Secret Paths will be fully localised in English, with voice-acting in the cinematic scenes and character dialogue. Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and Brazilian subtitles will also be integrated and there will even be a PC adaptation added to the confirmed platforms of Wii U, 3DS and iOS.
If you back the game with $15 or more you can grab yourself a copy on Wii U, 3DS or PC as a reward, while digital art books and posters are available for those who want to pledge more.
We spoke to the game’s executive producer Fleur Marty about what made Ynnis Interactive want to localise it, the features we can expect to see and what it’s been like to work with Nintendo.", writes NintendoLife.

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MWH1900d ago

the cartoon is a classic.

nugnugs1900d ago

I remember it seemed to go on forever. Can still recall the theme music.

MWH1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

it is one of my all time favorites. I remember the ending was heartbreaking, Esteban not realizing that the Golden City's Guardian was *spoiler alert* *spoiler alert* his father.

I miss these cartoons, the ones that used to stimulate children's curiosity, intelligence and emotions.

kingdip901900d ago

Can't wait to fly that golden condor

Fullmetalevolust1900d ago

This cartoon has a kick ass soundtrack and an excellent plot, they don't make'em like this anymore.