Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist Review (NWR)

"Audio glitches and loading screens mar what could have been a great game.

The Splinter Cell franchise and I have a rocky history. From the beginning I was a fan, and the prospect of creeping around in a black jumpsuit with night vision goggles snapping necks and shooting bad guys sounded incredibly fun. Although, after the third entry, Chaos Theory, the franchise deviated to a path that was less appealing, and I fell out of touch with it. But when I saw Sam Fisher once again suited up in all black with those lovely green goggles, I knew I had to give Blacklist a shot.", writes NintendoWorldReport.

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RAFFwaff1879d ago by this review, if you have a copy of splintercell that DOESNT have audio problems, then the game is about a 9/10?? With the loading times being the only main issue. If thats the case then i agree. Add to this that the wii u version has slightly better graphics, mii-verse connectivity, off-tv play and a better map/weapon configuration on the gamepad, and overall this is a fu*king great game (especially if you enjoyed conviction.)

starchild1879d ago

Well, I have the PC version and I don't have any audio problems or long load times. I think this is an incredible game and the best multiplatform game I have played since Tomb Raider. 9.3/10 for me.

DoctorJones1879d ago

I'd agree. I got the game free with my new graphics card and, despite my grumblings about the game beforehand, I think it's on par and better in some ways than Chaos Theory.

They've really turned things around since Conviction, the stealth is far more focused now, although you can still take the action route if you prefer it or fancy a change.

One of the best Splinter Cell games ever made. And it runs great, far better optimized than Conviction which runs like a dog even now.

RankFTW1879d ago

Best Splinter Cell in the last 10 years imo. Playing it on PC and the graphics are phenomenal.

starchild1879d ago

Couldn't agree more, on both accounts. It is my new favorite stealth game. And you are right that the graphics are down right stunning on PC. The lighting and shadow quality is the best I have seen from ANY game.

Haules1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

This game is like the previews one (convicted), very very repetitive gameplay with tons of glitches and bugs. Feels like a rushed game to me. Campaign story has nothing interesting to say. I got to Private estate level, got bored and uninstall it...

for me its a 6.5/10

@RAFFwaff, i have the PC ver not the Wii........

RAFFwaff1879d ago

well, we're talking about the wii U version here specifically, and as i said, i loved conviction. And apart from load times, im experiencing no glitches. Its all about preferences and opinions...

RAFFwaff1879d ago

i know you have pc version. which is why you shouldnt be commenting on the wii U version, in the wii U section of n4g. Idiot.

starchild1879d ago

You are such a liar. I have the PC version as well and you are exaggerating like crazy. I've run into a couple bugs just like in any game (including the mighty GOTY contender The Last of Us).

The gameplay is far from repetitive. In fact there is far more flexibility in gameplay than there is in most games.

The narrative is very good in that Tom Clancy espionage thriller sort of way--it kept me hooked. And the graphics are incredible. I really don't understand how you could say it feels rushed.

Haules1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Please go do something useful and stop trolling and attacking people who don't like your beloved game.

No wonder your profile is Ignored by 34 people...

Grow up stop crying and respect other opinions.

BTw now its Ignored by 35 people.

AusRogo1879d ago

Im loving this. If you're looking for stealth/action, this is your game!