Ballmer’s Exit Could Bring More Changes to Xbox One

Game Front: "What does Ballmer’s exit mean for Xbox? Between July’s 'One Microsoft' restructuring and a new CEO, it means that the Xbox One you know now is probably going to look pretty different from the version you’ll know in a year. Three months of backpedalling on destructive policies is likely just the tip of the iceberg of change for the already-floundering new console."

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obelix011875d ago

Yet another doom & gloom end of days article on the end of Xbox. Please. Its getting old.

Elvfam5111875d ago

Welcome to the dark side lol

NeutralXP1875d ago

Only the lame post this and I guarantee it was MariaLfutura involved again the super wanna be Troll

P0werVR1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Microsoft needs a Harbaugh like CEO to turn things around...well not implying that they're doing bad.

Just need a new outlook to be more dynamic.

Mystogan1875d ago

Ok this is getting old. We need to report these articles.

Deadpoolio1875d ago

Grow up and get over it quit acting like a baby the damn thing is floundering and it's not even out yet boo hoo

True_Samurai1875d ago

You're sounding quite like a child yourself

Nykamari1874d ago

Why? It was ok the whole gen for PS3, but the shoe is on the other foot and now it's bad! PLEASE! But I will say this, all the trolls against the Xbox are former Xbox loyalists. Don't believe me go thru my history and read the stuff they said about ps3, but apply it to what's being said about Xbox 1 now. Same trolls but on a different side.

4logpc1875d ago

This site just keeps posting crap lately.

WeAreLegion1875d ago

I really don't want the Xbox brand to end. I can't imagine any gamer does. I may be more of a PlayStation guy, but there are incredible franchises owned by Microsoft that may end up in the wrong hands if the Xbox division is shut down. On top of that, Sony and Nintendo need Microsoft. Sure, someone else might take their place, but the current battling between MS and Sony is absolutely fantastic for gamers! I can't remember two systems with launch lineups as strong as the XBO's and PS4's. This is great for the industry! We need this! Games are flying left and right...and we LOVE it!

theWB271875d ago

I try to spread that same sentiment around. Then get replies from people saying it would be best if Sony were dominant again and it'd be better if developers focused on one console.

I don't think people fully understand how much they're pushing each other to make better consoles and services for us. Who else would spend this money on this great hobby of ours.

I ride with Microsoft...but hope to get a playstation this next gen again. Here's to hoping they both stick around.

WeAreLegion1874d ago

Awesome! I'm glad there are some people out there who still love this industry. ;)

P0werVR1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Just calm down, it's not going anywhere. It is about the most illogical thing that people can assume Microsoft is "selling" their Xbox division.

Get a grip of yourselves, we haven't come across anything of any relevancy that Microsoft is doing bad. If anything, we should hope that PS4 turns out great 10 fold because if not that is the end of Playstation.

The logic in these posts are amazingly ridiculous.

GreenRanger1875d ago

I feel for you, Ballmer. Constipation is no joke.

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