Killer Instinct Gamescom Build Walkthrough by Maximilian and FilthieRich

Maximilian recently uploaded a brand new video that walks through the new changes in Killer Instinct’s Gamescom build, with help from Rich “FilthieRich” Bantegui of Double Helix Games. Part one covers the new changes to enders, potential damage, the new stage size adjustments, and the updates to fast light linkers.

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u got owned3440d ago

Another great looking game for the X1. In not quite happy about the way they are handling the content tough.

Cueil3440d ago

you can play now or you could have waited till the middle end of next year for it... I mean early release access is fairly popular on Steam why not on X1/PS4?

XboxFun3440d ago

Love the changes they made and anyone who thinks this still looks like Street Fighter is trippin off gerp juice.

rytlok3440d ago

This game looks horrid!!!

Bigpappy3440d ago

I could see that. Depending on which console you plan to buy.

Boody-Bandit3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

It doesn't matter what console anyone plans on buying. Saying it looks horrid is wrong. Not a subjective opinion but flat out wrong. Him getting agrees for saying it is equally wrong. Every time we see a newer build there is more detail in the graphics. Definitely a vibrant sweet looking game.

Killer Instinct is one game that has me on the fence about STILL getting an XBOX ONE. But only because I was a KI freak back in a day and DH is really working their asses off making all of the changes that the gamers are asking for. I can't believe how fast they are tweaking this game and how significant some of the tweaks are. At the rate they're going they might possibly have a AAA game on their hands.

What I am waiting on is the details about various on and offline modes and how diverse the training mode will be.

OneAboveAll3440d ago

It's X1 exclusive so you don't have that option. derr

CRAIG6673440d ago

Knack is horrid, this is a DAY ONE MUST!

TheFutureIsBlue3440d ago

I don't think anyone on either side can say anything about graphics until we actually get our hands on the consoles and see for ourselves. I'm pro Sony, but this whole "KZ SF>BF4, Knack looks like shit, Ryse = best graphics evah,Drive Club>Forza" debate is fucking annoying.

sincitysir13440d ago

Agree. Different games for different ppl

Belking3440d ago

This is what you call a proper fighting game. Now I wish they could give us another game like this, but use chinese kungfu characters from some of the shaw brothers movies. Imagine how sweet that game would be using Killer Instincts combo system.

SugarSoSweet3440d ago

Looks like last gen game to me what's so good about this game graphically?

4logpc3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

Are you watching it on your phone or something. This game runs 60 FPS and looks amazing. Look at that detail in Glacius, it looks unreal and no fighting game can compare.

MrSwankSinatra3440d ago

what fighting game doesn't run at 60FPS? you pointing that out is just a flaw in your argument.

toxiichollow3440d ago

This game look last gen compare to what? Name me a fighting game that looks on par or better than this game.

CRAIG6673440d ago

Dude Mortal Kombat looks great but if you think its graphically on par with KI you should have gone to specsavers mate!

aceitman3440d ago

lol.I put them there for comparison just in case someone needed to see if there was , my fault maybe I should have said that after the vids. but there not close. does look good but I do not like the break up in the game , they should have sold it as a complete game. period.

4Sh0w3440d ago

lol, for a minute I thought he was making a serious effort with those youtube links.

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The story is too old to be commented.