Explosion: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons review

"In my first moments of playing Brothers: A Tale of Sons, it really puzzled me as to why this wasn’t a two-player co-op game. Not just co-op as an optional extra forced in for the sake of including multiplayer–the game is designed around the concept of making the two protagonists work together. So to then tell you that this is exclusively a solo experience may seem more than a little odd.

But it doesn’t take long to understand why this has to be experienced by you alone."

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Dragonborn3121873d ago

Amazing game. I highly recommend it.

Grown Folks Talk1873d ago

The controls catch you at times, leaving you feel like you're watching bumper cars, but I loved it. Only complaint is I wish it were longer.

Khajiit861873d ago

Tell everyone about the game. They will buy the game and support the developer and the developer will have more money to work on the next game. Its less than 4 hours for me but well worth it.

rezzah1873d ago

I enjoy unique games like this, the last one for me was Journey so I look forward to playing this.