Gamers' Temple reviews Crisis Core

Jason Nimer writes:

''I just finished Crisis Core, and I mean 'just'; I put down my PSP and opened Word on my laptop – I didn't even get up. Before I go any further, I'll say this: Crisis Core is an extremely difficult game to review fairly. Like a lot of people, I loved Final Fantasy VII on the original PlayStation. Unlike a lot of people, I didn't think it was the best Final Fantasy (that honor belongs to VI, no questions asked), I probably wouldn't be interested in playing through the rumored PS3 remake and I, unlike a huge portion of the gaming population, haven't carried a fanboy torch for Cloud, Aeris, Tifa, Barrett and the rest for going on ten years now. All that said, Crisis Core is a passable action RPG that is more of an overdue piece of fan service than a full-fledged, stand-alone game. If you live and die for FF7, you'll probably disagree with a lot of what I have to say. If you haven't played the original, saw it for the B+ experience it was or simply just want to know how a long-anticipated Square Enix project ended up, then I urge you to read on.''

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fox023843d ago

"Unlike a lot of people, I didn’t think it was the best Final Fantasy..."
I stopped reading there.

sumfood4u3843d ago

Hehehe now i can use my PSP codebreaker codes an use Bahamut Fury Phoenix, Seforith Octave Slash & Odin anytime i want! Codes Rule after u beat a game fair & square!

San anto3843d ago

It really is a difficult game playin through it first time on hard, i was left to wonder if the bouts i was participating in were actually possible to win, for example, bahamut.

meepmoopmeep3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

i read it all. that was a long rant. but i read it for the content.
i agree with him at some points but disagree at alot of others.
i don't agree with the score though, it was a really good game whether or not you've ever played VII.
having played VII it is great to see the cameos.

PS360WII3843d ago

I can see where he is coming from and so what if he doesn't think VII is the greatest? I don't feel it is as well but I don't consider it a B grade like he said that's just nuts!

I agree with some of his points. For as engaging the battle system and materia system was for the PS1 title it's all casualed up for the handheld version. I don't agree with his hate on random battles though. I want more games that have that. I'm getting tired of every RPG being an action RPG :( but leveling up, limit breaks, summons being all random blew chunks.

Amazing story and CS make it worthwhile to play though

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