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TPReview takes a look at the hardware, the games, the launch line-up and the unique features that make up Sony's offering for the next-generation so far. Sony have been courting the indie market and promising more of the same for consumers, but does that make for an exciting launch?

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mistertwoturbo1877d ago

I stopped reading at "It’s not massively appealing and definitely not as exciting as the Xbox One, but then again the Xbox has to make a visual statement because it’s so large"

Really trying to justify that large behemoth as a good thing?

This is nothing but a Spin article folks, move along.

Minute Man 7211877d ago

PS4 is the sexiest launch console ever, playing video games since Atari 2600

stage881877d ago

Just downvote the site and move on.
Thanks for the heads up.

lazyjatt1877d ago

how do u downvote a site?

M-M1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )


Click the plus button right next to the site name. You can find the site name under "Read full preview".

Gster1877d ago

Thanks for the heads up MwT, saved me another 2 minutes of my precious Fri evening time ;)

XisThatKid1877d ago

I was done at "it’s not got any different kinds of DRM that we know about" This kind of f'ed up grammer in an article is a turn off for me.

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Minute Man 7211877d ago

Where is the removable hard drive located? And what official size? That's all I need to know :o

Majin-vegeta1877d ago

Same thing i'm wondering.Most likely it will be like the PS3 2.5

Skips1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Yea, think so too...

Just wondering where that 2.5" Hard drive fits... lol

Nekroo911877d ago

how can people dislike that coment... we all know that 500gb arent enough with ps plus

TPSou1877d ago

Author here, just to be clear I'm not trolling, I've got my pre-order for the PS4 and I'm looking forward to playing Infamous and to a lesser extent Killzone, but I'm sure there'll be plenty of good indie games and multiplatform games will be great on there. That being said, I did come away from Gamescom disappointed and I genuinely do think the Xbox One is a nicer looking machine, even if it is ludicrously big, the PS4 just looked bland in person.

I don't consider it trolling to explain as fully as I can why I'm not keen on some aspects.

Jaqen_Hghar1877d ago

A man doesn't get how the DS4, PS4Eye, and PS4 look like they were made with different design principals. They all seem to share a common look and given what a man saw in the Playroom demo the Eye disappears nicely when above or below a TV which is exactly what a man wants. Also a man has played with many lights on in a room before and never holds his controller so it would be reflecting on the TV so a weird complaint about the lightbar and over exaggerated for most a man would think.

TPSou1877d ago

Basically what I meant was the PS4 is angular with a slight two tone finish and a bright line going around it. The controller is curvy, all one material with a big round light on it, the camera is blocky and made up of what look like little squares. There's no coherence between them, they all look completely different which seems a little odd to me. At Gamescom the cameras were very obvious and never 'disappeared'. Finally not everyone games in the same position, I sit at roughly the same level as my TV screen and hold the controller in front of me, so it will reflect right back at me. It just seems needlessly bright, hopefully we will be able to dim it or turn it off but Sony have just said it's up to the developers at the moment, there is no user control.

Jaqen_Hghar1877d ago

Seems very nitpicky to me. Anyway a man is sure there'll be a software patch that can turn the light off if people really have a huge problem. It's not something that's difficult to change exactly.

dcj05241877d ago

A man would agree with this manly statement.

strickers1877d ago

You need an eyesight test or lessons in design.

thekhurg1877d ago

You came away from Gamescom stupid, not disappointed - just stupid.

T21877d ago

You are straight up trolling , look at your comment
"im sure there will be lots of good indie games and the multiplats will look great "

WILL implying future tense implying that there will be no exclusive AAA games just like every other troll here ...

You think all Sony studios suddenly disappeared ? Never again will we see gow, uc, gt, kz, tlou ?

Story quality wtf , like this website hell no . Your welcome

Godz Kastro1877d ago

Good read TP.... don't bother explaining yourself. Its your opinion. People around here think the system has no flaws. I've been griping about the light all along. Thanks for the good read, ill hold off until there are games to play.

WickedLester1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

"Killzone looked fine but not as spectacular as the E3 demo."

"Knack looked awful"

"Drive Club was poor with mediocre graphics."

Seriously TP, you're entitled to your opinion but your words make it sound as if you were at a totally different convention. Pretty much every other preview I've read for these titles from Gamescom was extremely positive. Especially Drive Club where many had remarked at how beautiful it looked, especially compared to the E3 build. Killzone has been getting nothing BUT positive buzz ever since it was first shown. You say Knack looked "awful?" Come on TP! Now I'll admit Knack doesn't necessarily scream Next Gen but give me a break! "Awful?" Mincraft looks awful. Aren't you sensationalizing this just a bit?

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Kevlar0091877d ago

I really want to get my hands on the DualShock4. I've never been too fond of the DualShock controllers, but there sounds to be some good improvements that may change my mind.

TPSou1877d ago

It's a lot nicer, coming from someone who much preffered the 360's controller to the Dualshock 3. Still struggle to get used to the sticks being at equal height but other than that it's pretty great, much more comfortable.

Jaqen_Hghar1877d ago

Did an author never play PS1 or 2 or WiiU? The sticks are level this gen other than Xbox One. Hell even the Wii Classic controller has level sticks.

strickers1877d ago

Must be awkward being a very asymmetric human being

MysticStrummer1877d ago

It's crazy that so many people fall for MS's marketing BS, and the asymmetric stick thing is one of the funniest examples.

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