Battlefield 4 Commander Mode to allow players to change kits on the field, “ecosystem" detailed

Battlefield 4 Commander Mode will allow players to change kits on the battlefield, “ecosystem/loop” detailed

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Donnieboi1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Sweet! I hated having to die or steal another persons kit when I needed to change mine. Sometimes being a Recon/Sniper no longer cuts it when you have enemy helicopters trying to blow you up.

excaliburps1877d ago

Same! I hate it when I'm a Medic and the team desperately needs someone to take out tanks! Good move by DICE, I reckon.

Also, being able to play BF4 while outside is nice! I can play it while the wife's out shopping! :D

LOL_WUT1877d ago

I usually went around knifing people if I ended up choosing the wrong loadout. And man did I get a lot of hatemail ;)

3-4-51877d ago

I wish there was a commander rating system that couldn't be negatively abused.

No down voting, but if they did a really good job you give them a +1 or something.

That way nobody abused it just because they are butthurt at not being able to be commander that round, but also, more importantly, rewards a really good commander who has awareness and knows what he/she is doing.

slazer1011877d ago

Or when the kit decides to change itself when respawning. Man that chaps my ass.

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JunioRS1011877d ago

This makes me wish I had an iPad. I'm not sure if you can even do this on an iPhone, but even if you can, it will be too small of a screen.

I'd love to set a tablet on my lap and overview an entire 64-player match as the commander.

I think paired with voice chat (obviously) you could get really really tactical. Especially if you're playing with a clan or a tight knit group who are willing to trust your judgment and attack when and where and how you command it.

excaliburps1877d ago

Seriously considering getting a Nexus 7 just to be able to play Commander while out of the house. :D Can you imagine having a good Commander on your team? They can change the tide of a match with loops.

JunioRS1011877d ago


And I hate to make a comparison to CoD, but it would be cool if there was some type of commander reward system where you can earn a UAV scan and look down over the screen as a digital plane flies over and reveals where the enemy icons pop up!

That would be so cool. I think I would make a good commander.

excaliburps1877d ago

There is! Read the post as it states one of the "loops" is:

-Two types of Map Scans – Vehicle and Infantry Scan, used for long-term highlighting of enemy units on the map for your team.

Bam! =)

1877d ago
ZBlacktt1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

When I see this feature now. All I can think is how awesome MAG was. So ahead of it's time and on the PS3. It had leadership command feature like this and as we all know, 256 player Domination games.

Aztec_MC1877d ago


Back in my days, you conserved your ammo & had to re-supply with a dead man's Kit, and WE LIKED IT!!!

sovietsoldier1877d ago

just more dirt to bury cod with.

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