Twinfinite - Forza 5 PAX Preview

Twinfinite is live on the show floor at PAX Prime, and Muaz Zekeria got a hands-on with Forza 5 for you to feast your eyes on.

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u got owned1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

"the game looks gorgeous by any standard, with an almost picture-like quality to the visuals. The amount of detail that the devs put into each car is on the verge of being overwhelming; I had to switch from a cockpit view to an external view within the first few seconds of the race."

this game is going to be so awesome.

1964d ago
Godz Kastro1964d ago

Here Here... this is a first gen game that will look like crap in a few years. I can't imagine what they'll do a few hears down the road. One aspect I'm really looking forward to is the Audio!!! Especially with this dedicated chip.


Can't wait to get BOTH my next gen consoles! I hope they have my Dodge Charger inForza