Plants vs. Zombies 2 downloaded nearly 25 million times

GameSpot: New strategy title from PopCap Games exceeds total lifetime downloads of original Plants vs. Zombies one month after launch.

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R00bot1877d ago

I've never cared for plants vs zombies, but that is just phenominal. It's outsold most AAA games lifetime sales in a much shorter timeframe.

Thegamer411877d ago

Well it is a free to download game, no surprise here. I got it on my iPad and then found out it's a pay to win game.

R00bot1877d ago

I actually just downloaded it then, didn't realise it was F2P.

It seems like it really wants me to buy stuff. I'm sure it's possible to beat without paying money.



RedHawkX1877d ago

its a free game everyone who owned the first one or a smart phone should have it. so these sales are low because it should be 100 million downloaded

Tzuno1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

well they are smart. lower price favors more sales not to mention the gameplay addiction that it has. Prices are to blame when it comes about piratery.

strigoi8141877d ago

Its free thats why a lot of people download to play it..and about pay to win, honestly you can finish the game without purchasing anything with your just have to have the patience and strategy to finish every levels get points and keys..playthru every level and earn money and find keys by random to unlock stages and rare plants can be unlock also while playing along with it..